Version 2.75 Let There be Sound!

This time we added some much requested sexy sound effects! It's only in 8 scenes for now; Blowjob,  Sitting Blowjob, Standing Behind, Candle, Female masturbation, Backseat, Dildo, and Titfuck. It should not take as long to do the rest, now that we have figured it out.

We also added 2 new outfits for males, and 2 sexy swimsuits for the ladies.

Version 2.73

This time we added a few popular outfits you may recognize and a few fixes for some prevailing issues.

Also, if this video is any indication, an announcement. SOUNDS! It is still a ways off but we have hired someone to help us with sexy sounds. Stay tuned for more info. (I don't know how to actually embed the video without spending a bunch of time learning how to webm)

Version 2.72 Choke on this!

This time for patrons we added 2 new scenes and 2 new outfits! Check them out!

Version 2.71

For Patrons, we added 3 new animations, a bunch of new weapons, and 2 new outfits!
I think I fixed the people sometimes never coming back from missions issue, but if you are still having it on a new save, please let me know!

Version 2.70 More like 2 point

Sorry for the delay, but lots of different things got added.
1. A couple of Seoles new outfits
2. Some fans asked for more pregnancy options so I modified a couple outfits both old and new. My edits don't look amazing but I personally think they work for their purpose.
3. Added skill books to the weapon shop, you can buy them and learn new skills to use in combat. They do not have proper animations or icons yet, but I added 5; Power Attack, Strip, Rend, Lifesteal and Flare. New status effect of removed/destroyed/rended defenses, you can probably guess what that does.
4. Balanced some economy stuff.