Version 2.62 Feisty Fillies and Fixed Filters

This time we added the background and shopkeeper to the weapon shop. Her name is Toa, according to Sismicious, it means soldier in Maori.
We also fixed the filtering system which was broker when we introduced the new character selector.

Version 2.61 Weapon Overhaul

Just a small overhaul to the way weapon inventory and buying weapons work. They are now out of the main shop and are untethered to the person who buys them. Before, you could not trade weapons between strumpets, now you can unequip and move shit around. Hooray! I plan to do something similar with clothes sooner or later. Expect art for the weapon shop and its owner soon.

Version 2.60 Character Reveals

This time we focused some more on the NPC's, to try and give them some more life and purpose. All of the above characters have a little even that can be triggered randomly by entering their zones. Also, all NPC's with important mechanics tied to them will talk to you automatically the first time you enter their store. So hopefully people wont need to ask me how to unlock cat girls anymore.

Most of this wont work without a new save file, so be sure to start a new game.

This version is only available on Patreon. There is no free version this week, because everyone got last weeks one for free!

Version 2.59 Halloween is for Everyone!

This time we added a new spooky outfit and re enabled the Halloween stuff from last year. Also bug fixes and whatnot. This update is FREE FOR EVERYONE!! because it would be lame to not get the Halloween stuff until it's almost over. I plan to have another patreon only update up a little sooner than usual with some NPC stuff I hope you guys will like.

Version 2.58 Bodyguards and Bug fixes

This time we added the Bodyguard job, they will jump in to help when you get in a fight. We also fixed a few outstanding bugs, mostly dealing with the brothel and matchmaking your own people. Pretty boring one this time, but stay tuned for the Halloween event soon!