Version 2.79 Cheer up

Ok I scaled back the mood stuff. It should no longer go below zero, and everyone is less likely to try and escape. I also fixed the release bug Alacarin pointed out as well as making maids actually do their jobs. I've also added a couple tutorials for some rooms.
Oh and 3 male outfits.

Version 2.78 Discipline Dungeon

This time we added 3 new female outfits and one for males. I also finally added the dungeon, you can access it from the small door behind Bea in the house. For now all it does is train obedience, but I also added some downsides to having people with low obedience when they are unhappy.

Version 2.77 2019!

Sorry for the long wait between updates, I need to be better at communicating this stuff...
This time, we added 8 different outfits, including the more bondage styled outfit above. The ball gag is in the glasses selector for now while we work  something out.

Version 2.76

This time we added 5 new outfits, 3 for females and 2 for men.

Version 2.75 Let There be Sound!

This time we added some much requested sexy sound effects! It's only in 8 scenes for now; Blowjob,  Sitting Blowjob, Standing Behind, Candle, Female masturbation, Backseat, Dildo, and Titfuck. It should not take as long to do the rest, now that we have figured it out.

We also added 2 new outfits for males, and 2 sexy swimsuits for the ladies.