Version 2.24 MEDIC!


Silly girl blinked when I took her picture.

For Patrons, this time we added some more clothes including the new female nurse outfit. The male nurse outfit is a bit more revealing... it is just the hat.

For free users, we added some new hair and a dialog system. Just click on someone in the dorms and you can hear what is on their mind.

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And because I am posting on the internet, Dark Souls 3 was pretty cool. I like the return of the mana bar, but I hate what they did to armor and pyromancy, fuck off faith. I also used the broadsword through the whole game because I never found anything better that I didn't need to dump a bunch of stats to use for my magic and muscles build. I like DS2 better.

Version 2.23 New Hair and Dialog


For Patrons we added a new hairstyle and the start of the dialog system. You can now talk to your workers in the dorms. We still have a lot of lines to add, but this is a nice early look at what's to come.

For free users we added the clothing shop and some sexy stockings.