Version 2.24 MEDIC!


Silly girl blinked when I took her picture.

For Patrons, this time we added some more clothes including the new female nurse outfit. The male nurse outfit is a bit more revealing... it is just the hat.

For free users, we added some new hair and a dialog system. Just click on someone in the dorms and you can hear what is on their mind.

Click Latest Version over on the right to play it!

And because I am posting on the internet, Dark Souls 3 was pretty cool. I like the return of the mana bar, but I hate what they did to armor and pyromancy, fuck off faith. I also used the broadsword through the whole game because I never found anything better that I didn't need to dump a bunch of stats to use for my magic and muscles build. I like DS2 better.


  1. thx update
    did u Bug fixes?
    and sound plz...

  2. more sexual positions to please futanaris

  3. please make this game in Portuguese language?

    Brazilian Portuguese also, you will have a lot of support here in Brazil too

    1. Well it's not my job on the game, but I think it would be difficult to translate the game to other languages while in development because we often add text or change existent ones, so it would mean for translators to work each update, and it would make us do a notice for us to see what changed. Lot of works for a not so great benefit.

    2. I agree, maybe after it is finished.
      Concordo, talvez seja melhor esperar até eles terminarem o jogo.