Version 2.36 Underwearmageddon


This time we added a bunch of bra's and panties to spice up your underclothes.

Version 2.35 From Poses to Pubes


We added some poses to female characters, they are based mostly off traits or completely random for now. We also added some pubic hair options and the Gym Trainer outfit for females.

Art News!


Hi everyone, Simicious here.
I thought it was a good idea to give you some news about what I've done recently.
In addition to the new NPCs, I created a range of 6 emotions for each of them. This way they'll be able to feel more "alive" and will act with the right face for the right situation.

Also, I completed today a requested feature on trello which was there for a looong time : Pubic hairstyles. So if you love it, I crafted some sweet bush shapes.

That's it for now!
Thanks for supporting the development of Strumpets, and see you on the next update.


Version 2.34 Sounds and Shortcuts

For Patrons, we added a few sound effects to test the waters. Mostly just mundane button presses, UI sounds, and some ambient noise. We feel that they really bring the game to life. No sexy noises yet, those are a lot harder to find. We also added some requested shortcut keys to most menus. "A" for previous "D" for next and space to confirm.  
Also, if anyone can find a suitable little song or jingle for when you end the day, that would be great. I can't for the life of me find anything that works.