Version 0.53

This weeks Patreon update adds a new place in the shop where you can customize your girls further. I am not sure if this is the best idea, to let you just make the perfect girl you want whenever. It kind of takes the magic out of finding a perfect girl on the market. So it may be temporary. Tell me what you think!

As always I fixed a bunch of bugs, I think I broke my own record. There should be less jail breaks, no more health selling, and hopefully no more Nan's or undefineds. Please tell me if you find any more.

Also, I finally made health do something. It lowers your stats by its percentage. so if you have 50% health, you have 50% strength. You also don't lose health all the time like you did before.

Sorry there is no new background this time. We are deep in production for the new version and ran out of time.

The public update is pretty minor this week. Mostly just the streets background and some bug fixes.  

You can play the game here: Play the latest free version!  

$1000 WOOO!

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Thank you everyone for your help in getting us to $1000! I never imagined I would get this much, let alone this quickly.  You guys are the best! Also another huge thanks to all the people that point out the bugs and stupid mistakes I make every week, I really appreciate your help.

Patrons can see a more "Saucy" version on Patreon.

Version 0.52 Street bugs and Model Preview


Sismicious and I have been hard at work developing the new model . Tell us what you think!

For this weeks Patreon update we added the new streets background and fixed a bunch of bugs.

For the public build, we added emotions and the awesome dorms background. We also fixed the mood system and added the infirmary.

Also, a lot of people have been having trouble with saves recently. Don't play in incognito mode and make sure you have nothing that deletes your cookies/cache, because that is where the saves are stored.  

You can play the game here: Play the latest free version!  

Model Vote

Me and Sismicious have finally started working on the new model in earnest. With that we are looking for some feedback on potential models.

Choose which girl is your favorite here

Also there should be an update later this week, so look forward to that.