Happy Holidays!

I'm taking a bit of a break for the holidays (lots of people in my house, makes it hard to make porn). Hope you all have a great holiday!

Version 0.4 public and 0.41 patreon

0.41 adds police attention. Whenever you work the streets you attract police attention. The higher the police attention, the higher the chances of the girl getting arrested. You can go to the police and bribe them to lay off, and to bail out your girls. It is available here http://www.patreon.com/strumpets.

0.4 Is really nothing more than the ui upgrade. It makes the game look a lot better, cleaner, and a lot less like a steaming pile of garbage. Play the latest version.

Version 0.38 public and 0.4 patreon

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Version 0.4 is mostly just bug fixes and the new UI.

Version 0.38 has 2 new scenes and the ability to remove girls clothes during scenes. You can play it here..

UI Improvements

I'm currently working on some UI improvements to make the menus not look like complete garbage. I'm trying a softer design, less corners and more borders. These are still placeholder, but tell me what you think.