Vesion 2.22 Shopping for Stockings


Strumpets select shop stocking several sets of salacious socks and stockings.  Seccret sexy situations seriously skyrocket!

In case you don't speak unnecessary and exaggerated alliteration, for Patrons, we added the clothing shop and a few pairs of stockings, socks and garter belts. Also a new super sweet, straight sex scene. 

For free users, we added a new outfit and the first futa animation.

Version 2.20 New Outfit and First Futa Animation


For Patrons we added a new outfit, Anja from the upcoming indie game Indivisible! (we are a little late on the hype train for this )

As you can see, we also added the first futa animation. It is just a modified version of the current blowjob, but it does the trick!
Remember if you don't like this kind of things, you can disable it in the options panel.

We also re-implemented the job system, like with strippers and bartenders and whatnot.

And last but not least, we made the primary selection buttons bigger by popular demand.

For free users, we added the blowjob and started re-implementing brothel requests. You will also now get female customers who want men. We fixed the bribe button bug and some issues with invisible dicks.