Version 2.20 New Outfit and First Futa Animation


For Patrons we added a new outfit, Anja from the upcoming indie game Indivisible! (we are a little late on the hype train for this )

As you can see, we also added the first futa animation. It is just a modified version of the current blowjob, but it does the trick!
Remember if you don't like this kind of things, you can disable it in the options panel.

We also re-implemented the job system, like with strippers and bartenders and whatnot.

And last but not least, we made the primary selection buttons bigger by popular demand.

For free users, we added the blowjob and started re-implementing brothel requests. You will also now get female customers who want men. We fixed the bribe button bug and some issues with invisible dicks.


  1. Hello,
    There are a number of bugs and I am not sure if you guys know about them.

    1) If you have clothed character it does not strip for sex
    2) You happiness can go beyond the limit and then you become sad. So if you feed them good food all time, their expression becomes sad and you happiness goes beyond 100% with a graphical glitch.
    3) The nurse room is bugged
    4) The stamina bar does not go down in the physical and teacher training rooms.
    5) The tan skin, right breast seems to be too light in colour.

    Version 2.17

  2. I see that in this picture, the dickgirl has balls. Is it in the 2.20 version, or can you get it in the 2.17? I liek dem ballz :(

    Keep it up with the good work!

  3. Nice and good work, but...
    - The nurse room doesn't work at all: you can't coose the characters and you can't heal them, but you still loose your money.
    - The gym has some minor bugs, but it still works quite well.
    - Food. Sometimes it doesn't give the expected effects, and you can't buy food at all if you use the gym (it tells that you already have a meal).
    - If the brothel's clients want a non-female strumpet, theres' no way to satisfy them since you only have female strumpets.
    - If you assign one of the girls to work in the kitchen, gym or nurse room, you still see only the main character in that room. The assign characters just loose their clothes.
    - No way of assigning jobs in the brothel.
    - You sometimes get robbed by night, but there's no option to improve your security.
    - The tan skin has a light triangle on on of the breasts.
    - The bribe system in jail doesn't work. When you have more than one girl in jail, you still see the image of just one of them.
    - Mood is broken.

    1. Thanks man! Some of these have been fixed in the new version, but I've definitely missed some. I'll take a look.

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