Version 2.48 Too many things for a snappy title


This time we added;
  • Brand new music - by he is great, check him out. (I have the game open while I write this just to listen to the song.)
  • A new Haircut
  • 2 more male faces
  • 5 new male noses
  • 2 sex scenes
  • 1 Npc
  • 1 requested feature - you can dictate what type of customers you want in the brothel by talking to the new npc.

New haircut & Male face features

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Hey, Sismicious here.
I recently saw someone requesting here on the devblog a new haircut, well what a pleasant surprise : here it is. We planned to add a new one so I had to deal again with my barber side-job.

This time it's a short, masculine haircut. As you know, we're pretty limited with the size of the hair, as we don't have physics and every animation should work with every hairstyle, that's why we mostly stick with this length. But we'll see what's possible to do with little tricks!

Also, I'd like to show you something nice I worked on :

We added 5 new noses and 2 new chins to our male base body. That means more diversity, it's always nice! Of course, it comes with every skin color, and fully supports current beards. I hope you'll enjoy it!


New NPC : Annila!

Hey everyone, Sismicious here.
Today I'm happy to introduce the last missing NPC : Annila. Her name is a messed anagram of a famous milf actress...

She will run the brothel, and thus she had to look more mature (gotta teach those kids how it's done).
So yes, more curves! More cleavage!

See you later for a new update!


Push-up bras

Hey everyone, Sismicious here.
Today I'll talk a bit more about the new addition we introduced in 2.47 : push up bras! It was an interesting exercise as I had to draw "pushed up boobs" in order to make them look good with the bras. Needless to say it was very weird...

Also, I used the same colors as the non-push up bras to make them match the panties!

It was quite a big addition because I had to redraw each chest size with the 4 skin colors we now have. That makes 30 symbols to put into the game!
Anyway, I hope you'll like this new customization option!


Version 2.47 Valentine Matchmaker


We have added a new option in the brothel for you to matchmake your employees. Now you can finally make use of your own strumpets, a much requested feature.

We also added a new selection of push-up bra's that have cleavage! This will open up a lot of clothing options for us in the future. I spent a lot of time on these, adding all 8 possible skin colors for all the different sizes. It was brutal until I realized I was complaining about looking at boobs all day.

Oh and finally, a new pale skin tone for girls.

New skin color!

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Hi everyone, Sismicious here.
Today I'm presenting you a brand new skin tone! We already had 3 going from lightly tanned to black, but now we're adding the exact opposite : pale! If you have elven fantasies or if you really like the british look (love you guys), then you'll be glad to see it in game ^^.

Changing colors is not just a matter of applying a filter on the sprites. I always wanted to have full control on my colors, that's why I'm selecting them carefully and not using a color wheel system. I want to have smooth pink shadows and crisp yellow lights! Here is a picture showing all the different colors there is for the classic female body :

I hope you like this kind of small "behind the scene" articles, as I'm trying to give you more infos on what I'm working on instead of just waiting for the game release!
See you!


Version 2.46 Manly Markings and Not-so-slutty Security


This time we focused on giving some more love to the guys. For patrons, we added tattoos and markings for males, as well as poses. To top it all off, we added a new security outfit for boys and girls. Also, the cost of upgrading  the dorms has increased, it was too easy to get a lot of strumpets early. 
I changed the cheats again, because it was pissing me off that they all had a hotkey in them. (Cheats are available to $10 or more patrons if you would like to break the game)