New skin color!

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Hi everyone, Sismicious here.
Today I'm presenting you a brand new skin tone! We already had 3 going from lightly tanned to black, but now we're adding the exact opposite : pale! If you have elven fantasies or if you really like the british look (love you guys), then you'll be glad to see it in game ^^.

Changing colors is not just a matter of applying a filter on the sprites. I always wanted to have full control on my colors, that's why I'm selecting them carefully and not using a color wheel system. I want to have smooth pink shadows and crisp yellow lights! Here is a picture showing all the different colors there is for the classic female body :

I hope you like this kind of small "behind the scene" articles, as I'm trying to give you more infos on what I'm working on instead of just waiting for the game release!
See you!


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