Version 2.14 UI and Bug fixes

For Patrons, we implemented the new UI, added the office and brothel, and fixed bugs. The brothel is a temporary fix while we work on the new stuff for it, and you get to the office by clicking on Bea(the blue girl) in your house. Enjoy!

Free users can enjoy the previous release, 2.1, right here.

If you are having trouble with the version we host on the blog, or if it is to small for you, try or

GUI in process!


Hi everyone, Sismicious here.
I was recently busy working on UI!
Yup, everything needed to be done again to be as fancy as the rest for V2. Also, we thought about new options and possibilities, so I had to come up with something more flexible and user friendly. Here is a preview of what it'll look like :

As you can see, it's now clearer, more organized and intuitive. This menu will be located on the right of the screen, and its content will change depending on the place you are. On the bottom of the menu will be a big round button, always validating the choice you'll make in the menu. This way you won't have to search for it!

Also, I worked on some small illustrations to add diversity and quality for some screens. For example, when you make your girls work on the streets, you have to choose where you want to make them go. There are the slums, a back alley, the Bar... etc. Now you'll have a small picture to show you how it looks. 

Same goes for the food.
Not a gameplay feature, but a small bonus addition ;)

Also, a noticeable change :

The mood of the girls are currently displayed with a smiley face. We're planning to change it for a clearer system with a mood bar, showing by the placement of its cursor if your girl is happy or not. As it will have an influence on the game in the future, it's more understandable.

There are also lots of little things in the making, but I'll let you find out by yourselves once the new version is released!

Thanks for supporting us, and thanks for playing Strumpets!

Version 2.1


Added a new market screen and a new end day screen for Patrons. But I fixed the reported bugs from last week, like custom names and no futa animations for everyone.

I also doubled the amount of time you have to enter cheats for you $10 backers. I don't know why I made it so brutal to begin with...

Play it here.