Hair colors


Hey, Sismicious here.
I've worked on hair colors recently. Indeed, we first thought about a color randomization system, but there was a big problem : working this way only allows to darken and lighten every base color the same way. The more neutral way to do this is to use black and white and then lower their opacity.

But by doing so, we have dirty and ugly colors, whereas setting our own colors for everything is of course perfect to achieve beautiful color harmonies and blending.

As you can see, the difference is very noticeable. And even in this study case, I adjusted the opacity values to make it look acceptable, but the same values will have a different render on another base color, and we can't control that.
Finally, randomization creates strange color mixes, which are not always beautiful. And everyone knows girls like to be pretty, even if they're brothel slaves, right?

We also choose to cut the hair in 4-5 parts, depending on the angle. That's quite a lot for animation! But we're aiming for the best quality we can produce right now, so why not?

I hope this first "official" article was interesting for you! If you have questions, please drop me a comment on this post.


Version 0.57 Say Goodbye to Grayspace


It is finally time to say goodbye to my stupid gray and brown background. I have been using it
as a placeholder since before I even had a name for the game. A huge step for me in getting the game to look more professional.

This update also brings a much requested change. You are no longer forcibly ejected from the gym
and library after one session. It is time to power-level those ladies.

I also fixed some bugs for clothing and prevented you from having over 100% success when evading the cops. You now cap out at 95%.

Version 0.56 for the public, removed duplicate traits and added the new police system. You can play the it here: Play the latest free version!  

Sismicious, the beautiful


Hi everyone!
I'm Sismicious, the guy behind every art creation on Strumpets, including this brand new webdesign! I'm now able to post myself, yay. I'll try to post as often as I can about everything new concerning the art side, so be sure to check this blog from time to time to see if there is something new!

If you're interested in the other things I draw casually aside from Strumpets, here is my tumblr : . I try to draw as often as I can to improve my skills and by doing so, improve Strumpets. So if you have some questions or (constructive) critics, drop me a message.

Finally, I'll conclude by saying that I consider myself lucky to work on that project, thanks to Meismike (thanks again, pal!). I have my own vision about adult games, and if I can contribute to it by making it better, well that would be a great achievement.

I'd also like to thank every patron, as I can't access to the patreon page with the same privileges as Meismike. Thanks you, really! Your support will maybe lead to full time working on Strumpets, that would be awesome (for everyone of us!).


Version 0.56

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The Patreon update adds some new options to police interactions. Just a little dice roll based on your stats. This still needs to be balanced. I fixed the nan clothes issue (hopefully permanently this time) and the secretary face morph bug should be gone. I also made it so that a girl can't have duplicate traits, this bothered some people. The free version adds the office background and a rainbow of dicks. Yay dicks! To play the free version, just click on Latest Version at the top of the page.