Sismicious, the beautiful


Hi everyone!
I'm Sismicious, the guy behind every art creation on Strumpets, including this brand new webdesign! I'm now able to post myself, yay. I'll try to post as often as I can about everything new concerning the art side, so be sure to check this blog from time to time to see if there is something new!

If you're interested in the other things I draw casually aside from Strumpets, here is my tumblr : . I try to draw as often as I can to improve my skills and by doing so, improve Strumpets. So if you have some questions or (constructive) critics, drop me a message.

Finally, I'll conclude by saying that I consider myself lucky to work on that project, thanks to Meismike (thanks again, pal!). I have my own vision about adult games, and if I can contribute to it by making it better, well that would be a great achievement.

I'd also like to thank every patron, as I can't access to the patreon page with the same privileges as Meismike. Thanks you, really! Your support will maybe lead to full time working on Strumpets, that would be awesome (for everyone of us!).



  1. Hello Sismicious, chuu! Glad to see you on board. I've watched the game for a while - creeping like I usually do, but works on my own projects kind of kept me away for a while, chuu. And now I check back, and finally, the game's getting some nice graphics~ I mean, we both know that the better the first impression, the better for any project, and graphics and artwork are very important for that (not to speak about the quality of playing, chuu). I wish you the best of luck, and lots of fun!