Version 0.57 Say Goodbye to Grayspace


It is finally time to say goodbye to my stupid gray and brown background. I have been using it
as a placeholder since before I even had a name for the game. A huge step for me in getting the game to look more professional.

This update also brings a much requested change. You are no longer forcibly ejected from the gym
and library after one session. It is time to power-level those ladies.

I also fixed some bugs for clothing and prevented you from having over 100% success when evading the cops. You now cap out at 95%.

Version 0.56 for the public, removed duplicate traits and added the new police system. You can play the it here: Play the latest free version!  


  1. can i have sex with my own slave?

  2. is there any guide or something that explains how traits work? i cant see ingame what they do and i cant find here anything about them

    1. Traits are just for fun right now. But Meismike is working on them so they can affect things in the game.

  3. I must agree, some kind of hover-over trait descriptions or at least effects would be much helpful, as not all are all that clear in their workings, chuu...
    But all in all, every graphic updates are a nice thing to have done, chuu. And the little system tweaks are nice, too. Keep up the good work! uwu