Progress for Version 2


Here is our progress on the new models. Check it out and tell us what you think of the intro. Play it here.

Also, Sismicious made a kick ass trailer.

New End Day screen!


Hey, Sismicious here!

I just finished the new end day screen.
Currently, when you end the day, a small window pops to give you informations about what happened between the end of the last day and the current one.
I adjusted the design to fit the new one, and added small illustrations to each event types.

Currently we have 11 different types of events! Could you recognize them just by their picture?
This is it! I hope you'll enjoy these new features we'll try to add very soon to the current game.

Home Screen


Hi everyone, Sismicious here.
This month was dedicated for me about 3 things :
- New skin colors for male and female
- A new sex animation
- And the new home screen

Skin colors and animation are done! You chose to make me work on it first by voting on the Strumpets Trello page!
The big thing that kept me busy was the home screen. As I said before, I'd like to reach a high graphic quality for the game, and I have to put a lot of time on details for that. But hopefully, the result quite satisfies me! I hope it you will too!

The new home screen now makes every specific rooms like gym, library and such located in a single place. It will be easier to navigate through the game. Plus, it will also be a nice opportunity to draw real rooms for each of them!

As you can see, they are more rooms than before, some are blank for now. We'll keep them free for future additions... Or maybe we already thought of them? Who knows! If you watch closely, you'll see a small door in the back, behind the counter. I'm pretty exciter about this room because it will be a private room, giving you access to new sweet features. But I don't want to ruin it so please wait with me!

Finally, in the picture you see now, doors are covered with cobwebs and wood planks. That means you didn't buy the room yet. It's just a graphic change, but you'll notice when you have rooms to boy or not ;)

Thanks again for your support this month, now with the Trello I hope you'll be happy to see I'm working on what you vote for. The next big thing is the End day Screen. I have neat plans for it, so stay tuned both on Trello and on my Tumblr to check it!

Oh, one last thing...
If you're a patron (which is the most marvelous thing ever) and if you donate via paypal, remember that Patreon automatically denies payments made this way for content flagged as Adult. You'll have to give a special autorisation for that. They are dozen of explanations on the internet of people complaining about that, so please, be sure to check it also!

See you for the next update!

Now With More Diversity


This time we have added skin colors and fixed parts of the old animations. For patrons we have added a third sex scene.

Sorry for the delay, I was VERY BUSY doing VERY IMPORTANT things that had nothing to do with Fallout.

You can play with the new Character Creator here.


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Hi everyone, Sismicious here.
I decided to let you see a bit more what I'm working on! It could indeed be difficult to see what takes me time and what needs to be done for V2, so I set up a public Trello board for you to check.

For those who are not familiar with Trello, it's a service that allows you to create boards where you can create "cards" and label them the way you want. For Strumpets, I just made 4 lists : Done/Working on it/To do/Ideas and put cards in them with the subject of the work to do. I can attach files to cards, or checklists, commentaries etc.

Now, where the fun begins, is that I enabled voting. That means if you're registered on the website, you can vote on cards. Each vote will be displayed on cards and this way I'll be able to see what you're willing the most!
Also, if I see some nice ideas on the devblog (or submitted via pm on my tumblr), I can add them to the board under the "Ideas/Concepts" categories, and if they get a lot of votes, I'll add them to the "To do" list!

The link to the board is just below, and I'll add it to the right menu bar.

What do you think of this initiative?

SIDE NOTE : Patreon just changed the displayed amount on each creator pages. This does not mean we lost dozens of patrons, this just mean you can now see approximately what we really get at the end of the month! They did it for better transparency. Thanks again!

Strumpets Is now on Kimochi!

We have just launched Strumpets on For those who don't know, Kimochi is like steam for adult games, but also a partner in promotion as well. Check it out, and maybe look at some of the other sexy games they have their too.

I would just like to say that nothing will change, it is just another way to play the game. It is super convenient too, puts all the sneak peaks and game versions in one place. 

Character Creation for Everyone!


Small update for Patrons this time, because Sismicious has been away for the past couple weeks. I added a couple of scenes to the character creator for you to test out. I did run out of time, so one of them has limited customization and the other has no cumshot yet(BLASPHEMY!). Please check them out and tell us what you think of the new animation style! I made the cowgirl scene and Sismicious made the other one (in case you wanted to know).

We also unlocked the last character creation demo for free! You can play it here (near the bottom of the page, this is a stupid way to do this, sorry) or download it here (to run a .swf file, just open it with your internet browser).

(Too (many (parentheses)))

Character Creation Demo and Version 0.59 free.

We have published the character creation demo for Patrons! It lets you check out the new male and female model and screw around with some customization.

For free users, we have uploaded 0.59. It adds additional jobs for the rest of your girls. These include maids, strippers, security, advertisers, and bartenders.

Play the Latest Version here!

$2000 WOOO!

Hey everyone!
Sismicious here. We'll never thank you enough for all your support. The patreon just reached our 2nd milestone : 2000$. Now we're more aware of Patreon policy and the reality of things, know that we don't actually earn 2000$. I'm sure a lot of people know it already, but they take a nice part of it, and we also have to deal with a lot of refused or declined credit cards each month.

But this won't stop us to try to make the best! We still hope to provide you quality content and sweet graphics so you can enjoy a professional adult game, giving you as much customization as we can.

This said, I thought it could be nice to inform you of what I did this month!
Meismike and I worked hard on the v2, and started by the character creation screen, the first thing you'll see in the game. It meant the creation of a lot of stuff for me, but hopefully we're going to be able to propose you a decent prototype! So far I did

  • a complete new body (the one you voted for)
  • 3 female haircuts
  • a complete redesign of Bea!
  • the Character creation screen itself
  • 3 male haircuts
  • 3 beards types
  • the creation of the female and basic outfit

Everything had to be then imported in flash, and Meismike did his magic to make everything work. We tested, and tested again (and are still correcting bugs at the time I'm writing this!), but it seems we are almost done with it.

Again, this is all thanks to you all!
We're still hoping one day we'll be able to make a living out of it and be able to create high quality games for your enjoyment. We're living a fantastic time where people can actually make some fool's dreams a reality, and I'll never thank you enough for this!

As a thank you, I did a pic of our beloved Bea for our patrons!

Version 0.59 Get a Job

Have I used that title before?

0.59 for patrons adds additional jobs for the rest of your girls. These include maids, strippers, security, advertisers, and bartenders.

0.58 for free adds an indicator for the brothel requirements. So now you will know if your Strumpet is right for the job. And a new Madame job that lets you train your girls skill. There is a "Training" partner in the brothel that you can use to raise skill for stamina.

Also, please vote for which style you prefer.

New body... again.


Hey, Sismicious here.
I recently came across the comments we had on the Legend of Krystal forums and realized a lot of people, as well as here, found the last body template I made too childish. I know I will not be able to fulfill everyone's tastes, but as it's a core element of the game, I'd like to make it approved by the majority before doing anything else.

That's why I made another attempt based on the comments I had.
Don't worry about the quick haircut, just focus on the body. Please drop us a comment just below, or on the LoK forums, or even on my tumblr!


Version 0.58


It's been a while, but we are back to work on the real game. There will be more updates with the new girl, but we will keep the old one while we work on making enough content for the new one.

This update adds an indicator for the brothel requirements. So now you will know if your Strumpet is right for the job.

Also the new Madame job that lets you train your girls skill. There is a "Training" partner in the brothel that you can use to raise skill for stamina.

Sorry, but this is for Patrons only and there is no free update this week. Everyone got the demo last time, so we need some time to get back in step.

Introducing Bea


Hey, Sismicious here. Today I'd like to present you our very first NPC : Bea.
She is a delicious and lustful... demon? Who knows who she really is? We hope you'll discover it in the game later! But for now, I have to make something out of this rough concept, and clean it. And I have to say it's really, really time consuming.

See you later!

New Demo for Everyone!


We have updated the demo! And now everyone can give it a try! Hooray! Sismicious changed the girl a bit, so I needed to redo the animations, but everything looks way better now. Check it out here

Patreon Version 2 Demo


Sismicious and I have been working on a demo for the new girl model! Currently we have

10 hair colors
6 eye colors
4 hair styles
4 breast sizes
3 skin tones
and 3 sex scenes

Also don't worry, the dicks won't be floating forever. We just haven't made the men yet. If you are a patron, please give the demo a try!

If you are not a patron, we also updated the free version: Play the latest free version!  

New hair, new bodies, new mouth!


Hi folks, Sismicious here.
I wanted to show you some new stuff I've been working on! First, as you can see from the post image, we have new haircuts! As for the first one I made, these two new hairstyles have been declined to our previous range of colors (10 in total).

Then, something a bit more boring for you : I finished to adjust the two other skin colors to each body parts. A long and brainless work, but necessary. The more I put details in my work, the more time will then be needed for color changes.

And finally, we adjusted the mouth part, which didn't work very well with the first version I made. Now, you girls will be able to put things so big in their mouth you wouldn't think it was possible!

Hair colors


Hey, Sismicious here.
I've worked on hair colors recently. Indeed, we first thought about a color randomization system, but there was a big problem : working this way only allows to darken and lighten every base color the same way. The more neutral way to do this is to use black and white and then lower their opacity.

But by doing so, we have dirty and ugly colors, whereas setting our own colors for everything is of course perfect to achieve beautiful color harmonies and blending.

As you can see, the difference is very noticeable. And even in this study case, I adjusted the opacity values to make it look acceptable, but the same values will have a different render on another base color, and we can't control that.
Finally, randomization creates strange color mixes, which are not always beautiful. And everyone knows girls like to be pretty, even if they're brothel slaves, right?

We also choose to cut the hair in 4-5 parts, depending on the angle. That's quite a lot for animation! But we're aiming for the best quality we can produce right now, so why not?

I hope this first "official" article was interesting for you! If you have questions, please drop me a comment on this post.


Version 0.57 Say Goodbye to Grayspace


It is finally time to say goodbye to my stupid gray and brown background. I have been using it
as a placeholder since before I even had a name for the game. A huge step for me in getting the game to look more professional.

This update also brings a much requested change. You are no longer forcibly ejected from the gym
and library after one session. It is time to power-level those ladies.

I also fixed some bugs for clothing and prevented you from having over 100% success when evading the cops. You now cap out at 95%.

Version 0.56 for the public, removed duplicate traits and added the new police system. You can play the it here: Play the latest free version!  

Sismicious, the beautiful


Hi everyone!
I'm Sismicious, the guy behind every art creation on Strumpets, including this brand new webdesign! I'm now able to post myself, yay. I'll try to post as often as I can about everything new concerning the art side, so be sure to check this blog from time to time to see if there is something new!

If you're interested in the other things I draw casually aside from Strumpets, here is my tumblr : . I try to draw as often as I can to improve my skills and by doing so, improve Strumpets. So if you have some questions or (constructive) critics, drop me a message.

Finally, I'll conclude by saying that I consider myself lucky to work on that project, thanks to Meismike (thanks again, pal!). I have my own vision about adult games, and if I can contribute to it by making it better, well that would be a great achievement.

I'd also like to thank every patron, as I can't access to the patreon page with the same privileges as Meismike. Thanks you, really! Your support will maybe lead to full time working on Strumpets, that would be awesome (for everyone of us!).


Version 0.56

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The Patreon update adds some new options to police interactions. Just a little dice roll based on your stats. This still needs to be balanced. I fixed the nan clothes issue (hopefully permanently this time) and the secretary face morph bug should be gone. I also made it so that a girl can't have duplicate traits, this bothered some people. The free version adds the office background and a rainbow of dicks. Yay dicks! To play the free version, just click on Latest Version at the top of the page.

Version 0.55 Office Space

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Get the Patreon version and make your office look more professional with this new dope background by Sismicious!

I also spent some time making new dick colors for the sake of diversity. That was a fun afternoon... In the future, there will be more than just palate swaps. Like bumpy dicks, futa dicks, dildos, vibrators, maybe tentacles, we'll see. 

For the boring stuff, I made some QoL changes, such as keeping your girl selected between related screens. I also fixed some bugs, as always.

Play the latest free version by clicking the Latest Version tab at the top of the page.

And because I have no where else to say this, Fallout 4 looks pretty dope eh? E3 in general was pretty good this year, lots of cool shit I can't wait to try. (Hopefully I will still be able to update when I get deep into MGS5.) 

Version 0.54 Renewable Food Source


Sismicious has been sick so he has not been cranking out art like he usually does. However, he still managed to find the time to make this profile view for the new model. We plan to have a few angles, that way we can use more positions for sexy times. Wish him well!

Now onto the updates. For Patreons, we added a check box to the kitchen to auto buy the same meal every day. A lot of people don't like going back to the kitchen each day. Now you don't have to worry about it unless you run out of money.

For free users we added a place to customize your girls to the shop. You can play that version here.

Version 0.53

This weeks Patreon update adds a new place in the shop where you can customize your girls further. I am not sure if this is the best idea, to let you just make the perfect girl you want whenever. It kind of takes the magic out of finding a perfect girl on the market. So it may be temporary. Tell me what you think!

As always I fixed a bunch of bugs, I think I broke my own record. There should be less jail breaks, no more health selling, and hopefully no more Nan's or undefineds. Please tell me if you find any more.

Also, I finally made health do something. It lowers your stats by its percentage. so if you have 50% health, you have 50% strength. You also don't lose health all the time like you did before.

Sorry there is no new background this time. We are deep in production for the new version and ran out of time.

The public update is pretty minor this week. Mostly just the streets background and some bug fixes.  

You can play the game here: Play the latest free version!  

$1000 WOOO!

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Thank you everyone for your help in getting us to $1000! I never imagined I would get this much, let alone this quickly.  You guys are the best! Also another huge thanks to all the people that point out the bugs and stupid mistakes I make every week, I really appreciate your help.

Patrons can see a more "Saucy" version on Patreon.

Version 0.52 Street bugs and Model Preview


Sismicious and I have been hard at work developing the new model . Tell us what you think!

For this weeks Patreon update we added the new streets background and fixed a bunch of bugs.

For the public build, we added emotions and the awesome dorms background. We also fixed the mood system and added the infirmary.

Also, a lot of people have been having trouble with saves recently. Don't play in incognito mode and make sure you have nothing that deletes your cookies/cache, because that is where the saves are stored.  

You can play the game here: Play the latest free version!  

Model Vote

Me and Sismicious have finally started working on the new model in earnest. With that we are looking for some feedback on potential models.

Choose which girl is your favorite here

Also there should be an update later this week, so look forward to that. 


Version 0.51 Patreon and 0.5 Public


Version 0.51 (for Patrons) 

This update has 2 main pillars. That's twice as many as most other updates! (so probably twice as many bugs)

The first is the infirmary and health system. Now when your girls get beaten up, they take damage. They will heal slowly over time, or you can fix them up immediately for a cost. Oddly enough, being hurt does not effect anything yet. I think I will make it have a negative effect on your stats, but that will come later. They also can't die yet, so for you crazy people out there, don't waste your time trying to see what happens when they hit 0 health.

The second is the new emotions. You will find the girls a lot more expressive than before. They even blink! This also brings the fix to the mood system, now you can actually tell if your girls are happy or sad.

I will also take opportunity to say that Corta from did the art work for the emotions and most of the clothes a long time ago (full art credits are in the game). I just finally got around to implementing it.

And lastly, another beautiful new background by Sismicious. This time it is for the dorms.

Version 0.5 (for the Public)
This update added the kitchen and the above brothel background.

Click this to play the latest free version.

Version 0.5 Patreon and 0.49 Public


Version 0.5, for Patrons, brings with it the promised kitchen upgrade and a new brothel background. To get the most out of the kitchen, you must buy it in house upgrades menu, assign a chef, and pick a meal each day. These meals will be expanded later to add stats(permanent and temporary) and mood. Right now they are just stamina buffs. 

I am also pretty sure I fixed the accessory bug, I put a 2 where a 1 should be, you know stupid stuff.

Version 0.49, for everyone else, brought the ability to release girls, a new jail screen, and less aggressive cops.

Click this to play the latest free version.

Version 0.49 and a Big Thank You

I'd like to start off by saying thank you to everyone who helped us reach our $500 milestone on Patreon. It is awesome, you guys are great!

Now, onto business.

In 0.49 I have finally added the most requested feature ever. Drum-roll... The ability to release your girls! We also have a beautiful new jail screen, and less aggressive cops so you don't have to visit it as much! I also fixed a couple of bugs, changed some numbers, and added a couple small art changes you probably won't notice.

In version 0.48, free to the public, we added the kick ass new title screen and clothing store. I also squashed more bugs than ever. However, I'm sure some still remain, so as always any help in finding them would be greatly appreciated!

Click this to play the latest free version.

Version 0.48 New Art and public 0.47

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Version 0.48 adds a new title screen and a sweet new look to the clothing store. It also fixes some bugs and spelling mistakes that were in the last few versions of the game. The public version adds reports which are pretty cool in my opinion. As always, you can play the latest free version here.