Version 0.55 Office Space

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Get the Patreon version and make your office look more professional with this new dope background by Sismicious!

I also spent some time making new dick colors for the sake of diversity. That was a fun afternoon... In the future, there will be more than just palate swaps. Like bumpy dicks, futa dicks, dildos, vibrators, maybe tentacles, we'll see. 

For the boring stuff, I made some QoL changes, such as keeping your girl selected between related screens. I also fixed some bugs, as always.

Play the latest free version by clicking the Latest Version tab at the top of the page.

And because I have no where else to say this, Fallout 4 looks pretty dope eh? E3 in general was pretty good this year, lots of cool shit I can't wait to try. (Hopefully I will still be able to update when I get deep into MGS5.) 


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