Version 0.37 Public and 0.38 patreon

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I've finished 0.38 so now the public can get 0.37.

In 0.37 I added the gym and the library to the house upgrades. You can use these building to train your girls strength and intelligence. You will also to turn a girl into a trainer and another into a teacher.

In 0.38, which you can play on Patreon, I added 2 new sex scenes to the rotation, and added the ability to strip a girl during a scene, in case the clothes are getting in the way. 

Play the latest version.

Version 0.37 Working out

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I just posted the new version to Patreon. I will release it to the public along with a public change-log when the next update is ready. I plan to keep the free version one update behind the Patreon version.

Version 0.36 Clothes and Patreon

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Finally, what you have all been waiting for...Clothing!

I have added a new place where you can buy outfits for your girls.
You can also buy accessories, they mostly come in pairs. The button next to the accessories will cycle through the options for that particular accessory.

I have also started a Patreon for the game. It can be found here. If you pledge, you will be the first to get access to new content along with any other rewards for each tier. I would really like to raise enough money to hire an artist, because as you can see, I can't draw for shit.

Play the latest version.

Upcoming Features

This is a list of features I am planning on putting in the game. In no particular order. Let me know which ones you would like to see first though.

The ability to buy clothes for the girls. Most likely entire outfits instead of mix and match pieces.
Don't know if the clothes will give stat boosts or not, but I plan on having different types of collars that do give stats.

I plan on adding different things for the girls to do. Right now you can have a secretary, but soon you will also have a chef, security personnel, bartender, advertiser, and whatever else I think of. I think most building upgrades will come with a job for a girl to fill. They will all give benefits based on their stats, like the bartender will get more money from the brothel, and the chef will make all your girls happier. The security people will prevent some bad outcomes and stuff like that.

-More Events and more important stats.
Right now the events are pretty lame and completely random. The system also needs to be rewritten from scratch. I will add more events with bigger consequences and stat checks. This will help to make stats more important, as a smart girl is less likely to be tricked, and a strong girl is less likely to be robbed. This also includes adding the stat improving buildings like the gym and library. I'm not sure how those buildings will work yet, maybe pay a bunch of money and disable a girl for a couple days for some stat points.

-More animations.
I am still looking for a better animator, but I need more animations. I also want some more unique animations for specific events.  

-Better UI and Art.
This is obvious. I can't draw for shit and I am terrible at designing user interfaces. It sure was a great idea to make a game that is nothing but UI... I am looking for some help on this front. So if you are good at drawing stuff, or at designing menus, give me a shout.

Version 0.35 Saving

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I added saving! Woot! People were requesting this feature and I knew I would need it eventually. It was a pretty simple process, but I'm sure I forgot to add at least one variable to the list of things to save. If you can find out what that is, please tell me.

You can play the Latest Version or download this version.

Version 0.3

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I'm going to start adding version numbers to my releases. They probably won't be based on anything real, hell I just chose 0.3 randomly because I feel I'm about 30% of the way to a finished game, and will probably update it more once it is finished anyways. On LoK I just used the date of the update, I think it will be easier this way to refer to older versions. 

V 0.3 updates:
-Added a credits page. Most of the stuff on the page isn't in the the game yet, and maybe never will be, but I'll just get it out of the way now.  (If you are one of the artists, contact me on LoK if you want me to change anything.)
-Added a popularity mechanic to the Brothel. The higher the popularity, the more people will come each day. If you fulfill requests you get more popularity. I will also add one time purchases to increase the popularity a bunch. Also, a higher popularity will probably lead to more trouble with police.
-Changed the text on brothel completion to better inform the player if he fulfilled any requests.
-Fixed the greater than 7 girls bug
-Expanded some text boxes so you can see how much high level things cost.

You can play the Latest Version or download this version here.

I Made a Blog

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I've made a blog for the project! Mostly so people can see older versions of the game and because it seems like all the cool kids are doing it. This will also be the place where more mundane things get posted, while LoK will just get full releases. Stay with me while I figure out how to actually post flash files and all this shit.