Version 0.3

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I'm going to start adding version numbers to my releases. They probably won't be based on anything real, hell I just chose 0.3 randomly because I feel I'm about 30% of the way to a finished game, and will probably update it more once it is finished anyways. On LoK I just used the date of the update, I think it will be easier this way to refer to older versions. 

V 0.3 updates:
-Added a credits page. Most of the stuff on the page isn't in the the game yet, and maybe never will be, but I'll just get it out of the way now.  (If you are one of the artists, contact me on LoK if you want me to change anything.)
-Added a popularity mechanic to the Brothel. The higher the popularity, the more people will come each day. If you fulfill requests you get more popularity. I will also add one time purchases to increase the popularity a bunch. Also, a higher popularity will probably lead to more trouble with police.
-Changed the text on brothel completion to better inform the player if he fulfilled any requests.
-Fixed the greater than 7 girls bug
-Expanded some text boxes so you can see how much high level things cost.

You can play the Latest Version or download this version here.

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