Upcoming Features

This is a list of features I am planning on putting in the game. In no particular order. Let me know which ones you would like to see first though.

The ability to buy clothes for the girls. Most likely entire outfits instead of mix and match pieces.
Don't know if the clothes will give stat boosts or not, but I plan on having different types of collars that do give stats.

I plan on adding different things for the girls to do. Right now you can have a secretary, but soon you will also have a chef, security personnel, bartender, advertiser, and whatever else I think of. I think most building upgrades will come with a job for a girl to fill. They will all give benefits based on their stats, like the bartender will get more money from the brothel, and the chef will make all your girls happier. The security people will prevent some bad outcomes and stuff like that.

-More Events and more important stats.
Right now the events are pretty lame and completely random. The system also needs to be rewritten from scratch. I will add more events with bigger consequences and stat checks. This will help to make stats more important, as a smart girl is less likely to be tricked, and a strong girl is less likely to be robbed. This also includes adding the stat improving buildings like the gym and library. I'm not sure how those buildings will work yet, maybe pay a bunch of money and disable a girl for a couple days for some stat points.

-More animations.
I am still looking for a better animator, but I need more animations. I also want some more unique animations for specific events.  

-Better UI and Art.
This is obvious. I can't draw for shit and I am terrible at designing user interfaces. It sure was a great idea to make a game that is nothing but UI... I am looking for some help on this front. So if you are good at drawing stuff, or at designing menus, give me a shout.


  1. Hi! First off, just wanted to say it is a great concept for a game. And i am so, so happy you chose the artwork you did for the girls, please keep that! It is gorgeus, and i really love the differing breast sizes in the game and the overall look.

    As for which feature to implement next, well go for the ones you can do at the moment? More animations and clothing would be a personal pick for me, but i suppose it would be harder to make more animations before getting that animator you mentioned. (I understand most stuff are placeholders right now, and i hope that somewhere in the future the animations would feature at least a male shadow-shape instead of just a cock.) All of these additions sound good though.

    I cant draw for shit myself, so i am afraid i cant help out much at that.I like the event system, and i think you have good ideas there.

    As of right now, the brothel was probably the most fun part. Maybe add some more there? Matching up client requests with girls was interresting, but i assume not all of those are implemented yet? For example, it did seem to only request average breast size.

    So, personally, fixing the issues with the brothel client system would be the feature that id love to see most for the next update. That, and clothes.. (and i do understand this would be in the future, but cumshot animations and a possible cleanup system. Maybe with having the cum/messy state affect earnings? So a girl could have differing states, either clean or several degrees of messy from more and more cum. In general this could lead to lower earnings if she has already had a lot that day, but of course it could be an interresting twist for the brothel. Maybe a client has a special request for having sloppy seconds, so to speak? Also, special talents like deepthroating skills could be interrestng.)

    I will think some more and toss out some ideas for events and stuff if you are interrested. Awesome game and i cant wait to see where it goes. Please keep the style of the girls, but as you mentioned with additional animations and stuff and i think you really got something here..

    1. Thanks a bunch for the suggestions! I'm working on clothing right now, should be up by the end of the day. The deepthroat skill idea is really interesting, I might do something with that.

    2. No problem! You deserve it, i can see a lot of potential in your game. Looking forward to new stuff a lot! I do enjoy clothed naughtyness and sex, so having clothes in there is awesome. Been using the secretary mostly so far :)

      If you have any use for any suggestions, great! Glad you liked the deepthroat idea, either as a skill or special talent. Maybe skills or special talents affecting other areas too? Like especially tight ass/sex, giving a bonus to a customer who likes that.

      Hmm. Maybe random sex acts in each "job"? Perhaps thats already in there, but it could show income for each act,adding to a total. So for ex, less for handjobs, blowjobs up to anal and more unusual stuff like throatfucking. Especially for the brothel. Maybe some girls wont do some stuff like anal before you have managed to fix their obediance. Sorry for the unstructured ideas!

      Hope i can be of some help. Agree with hmaster too, a place to interact with the girls would be neat. Like the dorm will be i suppose?

  2. Make a "building" where you can sell and/or interact with your girls, should improve the playthrough.

    I really love your games. Keep up the excellent work.

    -Best Regards

  3. This game reminds me of a really early version of Slavemaker and sexpit came together, however the implementation of animation instead of just pictures like that game uses adds some fun interactivity to you're game. It's lacking substance (Really early on it looks like so kudos for what you have now).
    A few suggestions from a fan,

    You have a great concept and i understand you are limited by not having an animator, So try adding a bit of story or interaction via text to help players get into the game. It works in games like slavemaker and babysitting cream, with the potential for animations added in the future.

    Maybe the addition of silhouettes instead of ghost cocks.

    Possibly adding lesbian acts (I believe it's just heterosexual acts currently.)

    A personal gripe is the marriage to your secretary. Not literally but would be nice to change who is taking my dictations. (Gotta throw a pun in sometimes).

    Lastly projects like this start up all the time, but yours has some real potential from a concept standpoint. When you get a few updates going and some content added in, try getting on patreon or something like it giving you're paid customers something early or unique. It helped games like breeding season (Alpha) really get off their feat and allowed that group to hire people to code and animate. Not saying you have to do any of that just some suggestions from seeing what's getting more and more popular lately.

    Either way i'm a fan and will be checking to see how your game pans out.
    -a fan

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