Version 2.63 Holiday Spirit


This time we added a new Christmas outfit and a background for the gym. We also added a new girl girl scene, for all you lady lady lover lovers.
Also, I just noticed that firefox and chrome no longer seem to support loading local .swf's. Does anyone know any good software that works for that?

Version 2.62 Feisty Fillies and Fixed Filters


This time we added the background and shopkeeper to the weapon shop. Her name is Toa, according to Sismicious, it means soldier in Maori.
We also fixed the filtering system which was broker when we introduced the new character selector.

Version 2.61 Weapon Overhaul

Just a small overhaul to the way weapon inventory and buying weapons work. They are now out of the main shop and are untethered to the person who buys them. Before, you could not trade weapons between strumpets, now you can unequip and move shit around. Hooray! I plan to do something similar with clothes sooner or later. Expect art for the weapon shop and its owner soon.

Version 2.60 Character Reveals


This time we focused some more on the NPC's, to try and give them some more life and purpose. All of the above characters have a little even that can be triggered randomly by entering their zones. Also, all NPC's with important mechanics tied to them will talk to you automatically the first time you enter their store. So hopefully people wont need to ask me how to unlock cat girls anymore.

Most of this wont work without a new save file, so be sure to start a new game.

This version is only available on Patreon. There is no free version this week, because everyone got last weeks one for free!

Version 2.59 Halloween is for Everyone!


This time we added a new spooky outfit and re enabled the Halloween stuff from last year. Also bug fixes and whatnot. This update is FREE FOR EVERYONE!! because it would be lame to not get the Halloween stuff until it's almost over. I plan to have another patreon only update up a little sooner than usual with some NPC stuff I hope you guys will like.

Version 2.58 Bodyguards and Bug fixes

This time we added the Bodyguard job, they will jump in to help when you get in a fight. We also fixed a few outstanding bugs, mostly dealing with the brothel and matchmaking your own people. Pretty boring one this time, but stay tuned for the Halloween event soon!

Version 5.57 Man Mode


This time we are proud to bring you the next most requested feature. Man on man action! Currently there are 2 scenes and a few new clothing options for your boy toys. 

2.56 Save the world

For Patrons:

Ever since we added saving to the game we have had countless reports of saves disappearing or never being saved at all. Most of the time the solution to this was turning of incognito mode or private browsing and enabling cookies, but we understand if you don't want to turn that stuff off. I tried to make a system where you can save your data to a file and load from a file, but as far as I can tell, that is impossible with the extremely outdated Action script 2. However! I did come up with a solution of sorts, if you played flash games in the early 2000s you'll recognize.. Raw Text Saving! So for those of you who can't get the old version of saves to work, this should work for you.
Also, we added a new combat background and a quest you need to complete to access the hair and body modification options in the shop.
You will need to delete your save and start fresh. Funnily enough this is because of the quest and combat, not the save overhaul.

Version 2.55 The Glorious Return!


We are finally back to updating the base game! Most of this update went into weaving the combat stuff into the base game, but we also found some time to add 3 new outfits for girls.
You can enter combat randomly on the streets, through getting caught by the cops and a daily mission through the mission blimp. The combat stuff needs to be balanced and will likely change a lot. Also, it is only 1v1's for now while I work on optimizing 3v3's and developing a way to pick who you want as your other 2 people. I'm thinking like a protector job, where it takes a few turns for the protectors to arrive to combat in the streets.

This update is only for patrons for now, and since the last few things have been free for everyone, I've got nothing new for free users... sorry about that.

Also, if twitter is your thing, follow us at

Combat Demo 4

Well so ends my vacation from the base game. It was fun to take a little break and work on something completely different, but now it's full steam ahead on the base game. However, It will still take some time to weave the combat stuff into the base game.

download here,

or play on Newgrounds here

There is a new sex scene in the demo, by the way.

Combat Demo 3

This time we added 2 new weapon types, elemental weapons, weapon stats, and some new animations. Also fixed a bunch of bugs. Up next is some actual AI for the enemies and polish. By the way, the money cheat from the base game works, or you can just use the cheat weapon in the store.

Holy shit Monster Hunter World! I am so excited, I hope they don't fuck it up...

Combat Demo 2

We cleaned up the combat demo and added a bunch of new things. Also a little minigame where you gain money from fights and can level up your stats. Lust is unrelated to stats right now, so there is no point in upping skill or beauty, I'll fix that later, just not sure how to balance it yet. Please let us know what you think!

you can download it here Or play it here!

Combat Progress

We are making progress with the combat demo, but it is taking some time. I wanted to have the updated demo out this weekend, but it looks like that won't happen. I should have it done tomorrow or Tuesday, sorry for the delay! Also, the updated demo will serve as this weeks game update as well, but everyone will get it, not just patrons.

Thanks for sticking with us, and I hope you look forward to the new and improved combat.

Version 2.53 Character Select


Added a new way to select your strumpet for various tasks. Still working on filtering for this feature. We also added elf ears and demon horns and tail. Small one this time while we continue adding to the combat.

Combat Demo

Here is the newest version of the combat demo. It is nowhere near done and has quite a few bugs, but this is what we have been working on. Let us know what you think! If the other team just stops attacking, you have to reload the game. In case you don't know how to run a .swf, just open it with your browser, like firefox or chrome.

Strumpets Version 2.52 Thick Schoolgirls


This time we added a new thicker waist, a schoolgirl outfit and a bunch of other skirts. We also added a chance to get impregnated when performing appropriate activities, and services relating to that in the hospital.

I did not get as much done on the combat as I wanted, but I should release a public demo sometime this week.

Version 2.51 Combat and Conception


This time we would like to show Patrons something we have been working on for a while. COMBAT! Ever wanted to see your strumpets beat the shit out of someone with a war hammer? Well now you can! This is very much a work in progress, the ui in particular will be heavily changed. I love turn based RPG's but holy shit I don't want to watch the same 4 minute animation every time, so I tried to make the fighting as fast as possible. You can just mash that attack button and everything should work out. We only have the female animations so far, and we plan to add a lot more attacks and more weapon types down the line. We will also add the popular lust based attacks soon, like in CoC or TiTS. Let us know what you think!

As for the base game, for Patrons, we added a new event that can give you free strumpets if you have less than 5 at the end of the day. Oh and only the most requested feature ever, pregnancy! Right now it is just 3 different body types similar to the muscular body type, but we will add a low chance to get pregnant in B/G scenes later. With the ability to turn it off or magically abort if you want.

Version 2.50

This time for Patrons, while we work on some of the more complicated requests, we added a few more tight top options, a new event system with a couple events. And a special secret that happens at the end of day 4.

I also fixed the release function and the blank traits issues.

Hearts out to the Shadman, hope he gets through this legal trouble.

Art news!

Hey everyone, Sismicious here.
Thanks for the MASSIVE amount of suggestions, we obviously can't anwser everyone individually, but we took a look at everything and are planning what to do and in what order. Currently I'll be focusing on things I can do easily and that don't imply code or new game mechanics.

First, and you'll find it in the new patreon release : Bodytypes

It was a long requested feature, but girls now have sweet abs as well as boys could be now more muscular. After all, having sex all day can get you fit (take notes from this 100% legit advice).

The second thing I wanted to show you is the new Brothel background :

The old one is still available, but only used for sex scenes. The new will allow us new possibilities, if you know what I mean ;)

That's all for now, be sure to come back from time to time!
Thanks everyone, and see you later,


New beards!

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Hey everyone, Sismicious here.
All aboard the beard train!

I did 6 new beard types so you can even more customize your character, and have more diversity with boys.

Version 2.49 Community Results Part 1


Patreon update-
We did not have enough time to add all of your requests but we did manage to cram a few in there. We asked a bit late in the bi-weekly update routine. The next few updates we will try our hardest to get to as much of the appropriate requests as we can. Some things require a lot more time, like a combat system(that is something we have been talking about for a while, but it is a considerable amount of work).
Honestly I can't remember all the stuff I added changed or fixed, but here is a list
-added more options to the clothing store, we might move these later/require you to unlock the ability to have free reign over the looks of your people.
- added 2 muscular bodies for males and females
- added trait tooltips and a few more interesting traits. (Some of the mood altering traits are not functional yet)
- New bar background for the brothel
- fixed issue with matchmaking your own strumpets
- reduced police attention gain
- changed some core character loading code, so this might fuck up some weird stuff, let me know. I haven't noticed anything, but as I'm sure you all know, that means nothing coming from me.

Who knew pregnancy was so popular?

Community Suggestions

Today we would like to ask you guys if there is anything you would love to see in Strumpets.
Anything, such as Princess Peach's clothes, Diva's face paint, Dwarves, 36 unique scrotum patterns, or a mechanic where you climb mountains and search for shrines for 40 hours. Anything at all, we want to hear it!
We can't guarantee that it will make it into the game, and simpler suggestions will obviously have a better chance. Also, If you have asked for something specific before, please ask us again. We aren't ignoring you, we probably just forgot.

Version 2.48 Too many things for a snappy title


This time we added;
  • Brand new music - by he is great, check him out. (I have the game open while I write this just to listen to the song.)
  • A new Haircut
  • 2 more male faces
  • 5 new male noses
  • 2 sex scenes
  • 1 Npc
  • 1 requested feature - you can dictate what type of customers you want in the brothel by talking to the new npc.

New haircut & Male face features

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Hey, Sismicious here.
I recently saw someone requesting here on the devblog a new haircut, well what a pleasant surprise : here it is. We planned to add a new one so I had to deal again with my barber side-job.

This time it's a short, masculine haircut. As you know, we're pretty limited with the size of the hair, as we don't have physics and every animation should work with every hairstyle, that's why we mostly stick with this length. But we'll see what's possible to do with little tricks!

Also, I'd like to show you something nice I worked on :

We added 5 new noses and 2 new chins to our male base body. That means more diversity, it's always nice! Of course, it comes with every skin color, and fully supports current beards. I hope you'll enjoy it!


New NPC : Annila!

Hey everyone, Sismicious here.
Today I'm happy to introduce the last missing NPC : Annila. Her name is a messed anagram of a famous milf actress...

She will run the brothel, and thus she had to look more mature (gotta teach those kids how it's done).
So yes, more curves! More cleavage!

See you later for a new update!


Push-up bras

Hey everyone, Sismicious here.
Today I'll talk a bit more about the new addition we introduced in 2.47 : push up bras! It was an interesting exercise as I had to draw "pushed up boobs" in order to make them look good with the bras. Needless to say it was very weird...

Also, I used the same colors as the non-push up bras to make them match the panties!

It was quite a big addition because I had to redraw each chest size with the 4 skin colors we now have. That makes 30 symbols to put into the game!
Anyway, I hope you'll like this new customization option!


Version 2.47 Valentine Matchmaker


We have added a new option in the brothel for you to matchmake your employees. Now you can finally make use of your own strumpets, a much requested feature.

We also added a new selection of push-up bra's that have cleavage! This will open up a lot of clothing options for us in the future. I spent a lot of time on these, adding all 8 possible skin colors for all the different sizes. It was brutal until I realized I was complaining about looking at boobs all day.

Oh and finally, a new pale skin tone for girls.

New skin color!

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Hi everyone, Sismicious here.
Today I'm presenting you a brand new skin tone! We already had 3 going from lightly tanned to black, but now we're adding the exact opposite : pale! If you have elven fantasies or if you really like the british look (love you guys), then you'll be glad to see it in game ^^.

Changing colors is not just a matter of applying a filter on the sprites. I always wanted to have full control on my colors, that's why I'm selecting them carefully and not using a color wheel system. I want to have smooth pink shadows and crisp yellow lights! Here is a picture showing all the different colors there is for the classic female body :

I hope you like this kind of small "behind the scene" articles, as I'm trying to give you more infos on what I'm working on instead of just waiting for the game release!
See you!


Version 2.46 Manly Markings and Not-so-slutty Security


This time we focused on giving some more love to the guys. For patrons, we added tattoos and markings for males, as well as poses. To top it all off, we added a new security outfit for boys and girls. Also, the cost of upgrading  the dorms has increased, it was too easy to get a lot of strumpets early. 
I changed the cheats again, because it was pissing me off that they all had a hotkey in them. (Cheats are available to $10 or more patrons if you would like to break the game)

Security Outfit

Hi everyone, Sismicious here.
Today I'm proud to show you something a bit special, because it's the first time I did a costume for both males and females. I don't count the Halloween one because it was a special event and I just couldn't do only one costume :)

But yes, so far I've done a special outfit for the nurse, cook, and trainer jobs only for females, and have to do it for males too.
But this time I put extra efforts to provide the costume for both genders!

I'm pretty happy with the result, they look tough and strong, so don't try to mess with them ^^
Anyway, having a security guard will keep bad things away from your brothel, including the police (even if a private inspection from Olite wouldn't be a bad thing...)

Anyway, I hope you'll like this new addition to the game, and you'll have a great time playing it!
Thanks again for supporting us, I'm kinda proud of the level of customization/clothes/accessories we have so far for a game like this!

Male body decorations

Hey everyone, Sismicious here!
Today I'm going to present you the male version of our actual body decoration. Until now, things like body writing shame, tattoos or freckles were female exclusive, but now boys can also be pretty! After all, who never dreamed about sending a man naked and covered in insults in the streets to gather money?

The first one is the body writing. Good old text shaming. Next are some tribal tattoos, because tribal on balls is brutal. Then is the famous and unique anchor, so you can show people not to mess with you. And finally, some facial additions to add even more customization!

I hope you'll like these additions and thanks again for supporting the development of Strumpets! We'll have another last graphic addition for this month, so stay tuned!


Version 2.45 Playful Pussycats


The furrypocalypse is upon Patreon supporters! All you amorous for the anthropomorphic, fluffy favourers, digitigrade deviants, and those horny for hirsute honeys rejoice! You can start recruiting cat girls from the market once you do a simple quest for the market owner.

If you prefer not to infest your file with filthy felines, just don't do the quest!
This was quite a lot of content in one update, so I probably fucked something up. Please let us know if you see any visual glitches or bugs.

Fur rimes with pleasure

Hi everyone, Sismicious here.
Do you remember the poll we set about if we should add these beautiful creatures to the game or not? Well you voted "yes" at a vast majority, so here is my work ready to be implemented and to be functional thanks to Meismeike.

I remade the feet so our current animations could match this new body type, even if the proportions are slightly different. Also don't worry, my beloved breast lovers because I also maintained the 5 boob sizes.

Also, as you can see, the catgirls have their own hairstyles in order to not glitch with their ears. I did 3 of them, available in 5 colors!

There will be a button to hide this kind of stuff if you're not into it, as it was requested a lot. But else you could simply not buy them at the market ;)

I'll see you later for more visual updates on Strumpets soon!

Version 2.43 Tatoos, Blemishes, and Body Markings


For Patrons, we have added a bunch of new tattoos, blemishes, and body markings! Also a way to check out people before you buy them in the market. Things should start to get back on track now that the holidays are done. Should be an update every 2 weeks.

At the time of posting it seems is down.  So I think I will move the back up file to Newgrounds at (You should go there and rate it 5 stars).

Happy New Year!