Version 2.63 Holiday Spirit


This time we added a new Christmas outfit and a background for the gym. We also added a new girl girl scene, for all you lady lady lover lovers.
Also, I just noticed that firefox and chrome no longer seem to support loading local .swf's. Does anyone know any good software that works for that?


  1. The flash player is being phased out, you may want to investigate Adobe Air, if it is still a thing, and have your application as a desktop one.

    (For some reason, this website won't accept my comments.)

  2. Just use Adobe's Flash Projector, that's what it's for.

    Also when are you planning to go through the game and clean out all those old bugs that have been in the game for so long?
    Is there even a place to report bugs?

  3. No. The only way forward would be OpenFL.

    If anyone cared. But there's nothing wrong with using Flash. It won't go away despite what fucktards say. Keep adding content. Ignore retards. Convert only when absolutely necessary.

  4. Flash can now be loaded only from HTTP/HTTPS.
    There is no good simple solution for loading local swf files as it is a new security policy in the browsers. Some suggest using a local web server such as XAMPP, but that is a rather insane solution.

    The security setting can still be changed in Firefox
    on the about:config page with setting the plugins.http_https_only option to false
    but that is probably not what you were asking for

  5. Am I the only one here who knows about Adobe's Flash Projector? Like heck man, don't go around downloading third party programs unless you have to.

  6. Clearly not, whoops, since someone mentioned it before you. Additionally, link, for those who don't fancy searching:

    It says for developers only but hey.

  7. You really shoud fix all those mayor bugs, like when you send someone on the airship mission and she/he never come back from it.

  8. When is the next update coming out? The game is going so slow compared to other projects with lower profit

    1. Which other games are you talking about?

  9. waiting for porting to android)

  10. Standalone Flash Player
    Download the Flash Player projector
    or NEW!