Version 2.62 Feisty Fillies and Fixed Filters


This time we added the background and shopkeeper to the weapon shop. Her name is Toa, according to Sismicious, it means soldier in Maori.
We also fixed the filtering system which was broker when we introduced the new character selector.


  1. I keep rereading it to make sure thats actually all that is new and It is.. Last week was just weapon changes and now..this...? Gotta be the easiest 2k this "team" has ever made before for a single month. In awe right now

    1. My thoughts exactly.

      Animations, which is the best selling point for this type of game, are close to none, a god damn whopping of 5 animations after 2 years. Nice!

  2. I don't wanna be a cock, even if I have one, but are you going to do any of the following, any time soon?
    - add arrows above the character list, in the city (since there is space that could be very well used for that)
    - have the futa be acting like either male or female (so we can have futa-on-male, futa-on-female and futa-on-futa)
    - more positions for the act
    - maybe a system for when you win against somebody, or lose against somebody, the party who loses actually loses the person, and the winner wins the person. Might be an option in the menu, maybe with 5% chance (1/20 lost fights) of win/loss. That is, if we have enough free space.
    - add new levels for the dorm to be extended, so we could have several hundreds, if we want to. It could be a cool challenge, if you ask me. Maybe that could unlock a new character, if we get past 100 slaves.

  3. Calm down, i believe they just have problem and is busy to deal with their life. It's not like we pay any penny or anything. just come back 1-2 years, thing should get better.

  4. I'd like to see the ability to add traits to your starting character and also some more cameos.

  5. Would be nice if winning those fights would have any effect, like giving 10 - 100 points of combat experience for both the main and the bodyguards.

    I really struggle for bea's quest since there is never any combat book in the store or combat quest at the docks...

    Would be nice too, if those skills had more to do than the (unfortunately still buggy) quest arrangement.

    Like in combination with the jobs, each skill level of cooking or medics would decrease the costs of food/nursery by like 5%, every skill level of wisdom and combat would increase the bonus stats given in training/education and each skill level in dancing increases the tips for the strippers.

    The both skills for sex could increase the according income, but I haven't figured them out yet, like how do you train them?.
    Would be nice if each satisfied customer (be it male or female) would give like 10 - 100 points to those skills, and the skill level determines how high the changes of "especially satisfying services" might be.

    Keep up the good work, though.



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