Version 2.61 Weapon Overhaul

Just a small overhaul to the way weapon inventory and buying weapons work. They are now out of the main shop and are untethered to the person who buys them. Before, you could not trade weapons between strumpets, now you can unequip and move shit around. Hooray! I plan to do something similar with clothes sooner or later. Expect art for the weapon shop and its owner soon.


  1. Just weapons in this update? Lame...

  2. Any update is a great update in my book. Keep it up! Can't wait to see more!

  3. I noticed a couple bugs since the update. Brothel Client menu starts out of order, for example customer 14/25 rather than 1/25. Also the customer name does not appear unless you hit an arrow forward or back then return. Also I accidently hit back on web page instead of game browser and have save data from after doing Keet's mission but the Hair shop or body Modding feature is no longer available and says to speak to Keet, so I do and she has nothing useful to say and his mission is not at the air ship. The relevant NPC and shop uses are just gone. If this entry is posted improper please let me know where you accept such relevant data as well as weather or not you have an area for suggestions. I really Love this game though, found it 4 days ago and It has become my favorite part of every day.

  4. Are there any plans to include an option to choose the gender of the clients? I really like girls and futas, but the males turn me off :/

    1. Yes, But the Futas need Balls, or an Option 2 add some ! looks weird without them !

  5. why there is no Download 4 This ? - 2 Play it Offline !

  6. Try to load this save and learn streight or intelligence:
    This is was game without any cheats but here is all kearn attributes is x10 when learn them.

  7. more animations and more ways to level up stats. Can you please add a method of gaining and removing traits.

  8. i'm having an issue where i load up a save file and i get "undefined" next to the cost to upgrade home/brothel. (im playing the game in flash player, i cant seem to get it to play in browser it just keeps saving file instead of loading in browser-chrome and firefox)

    --if someone could help me out with a solution i would be grateful

  9. If you get the "undefined" error its usually an issue with your save file code.

  10. - The Job selection displayed doesn't update when navigating right to other strumpets, but the actually selected job changes to their current job. It does update when navigating left. For example, selecting Maid for one girl, then moving to the right to someone who's currently a Matron, keeps the "Matron" under their name and the "Job: Maid" selected below, but clicking okay, doesn't make her a maid. It has invisibly changed the selection to Matron, so nothing happens. Clicking left on the job selection goes from Maid to Nurse. Left of Maid is Matron. Left of Matron is Nurse.
    - The job "none" is only shown by clicking the right button. The left button skips it. Stripper > Bodyguard > none > Secretary. Secretary < Bodyguard < Stripper.
    - I bought B.Ch a stick to block with while she teases, then clicked left to buy more sticks for the rest, and they started cycling quickly through all their poses instead of animating normally, and after the first loop through the poses, they revealed their right beast and cock. Where did B.Ch get one of those? That's not the kind of stick I meant to buy her. That seems to happen to all the girls who aren't wearing skirts.
    - Unarmed brown catgirls in combat stance have purple hands.
    - The way buying weapons is separated from equipping weapons doesn't show how many of a certain weapon you already have on the interface to buy another. It would be nice to see how many of that you already own and how many of them are equipped.
    - Previewing a selected weapon with a selected strumpet implies that you're buying it specifically for her, but doesn't equip it to her, and still doesn't show her stats to make sure that weapon suits her. Perhaps there should be a mode in the weapon shop to list your inventory on one side and the shop on the other and allow buying without equipping and selling what isn't equipped. Then with a strumpet selected and the store inventory shown, previewing a weapon on her and buying it equips it to her. The preview should also have a small text display with the stat(s) relevant to the weapon and the expected result of her using it (damage range, specials). Maybe if you toggle the shop's display to the shop keeper, with a strumpet selected, the shop keeper recommends a weapon that suits the customer.
    - After being accosted in the rich district, the next john ran away after finishing, but my strumpet caught him and made him pay double, which came out to $6. Six. In the most expensive district in the city, where a normal job is around $2500.