Version 2.60 Character Reveals


This time we focused some more on the NPC's, to try and give them some more life and purpose. All of the above characters have a little even that can be triggered randomly by entering their zones. Also, all NPC's with important mechanics tied to them will talk to you automatically the first time you enter their store. So hopefully people wont need to ask me how to unlock cat girls anymore.

Most of this wont work without a new save file, so be sure to start a new game.

This version is only available on Patreon. There is no free version this week, because everyone got last weeks one for free!


  1. Will be update where can be gender changed ? For money of course, And some moaning for girls will be good too. And maby :) fuck with that sexy police girl

  2. There is a bug that ruin the game if you load from the code, nothing works properly

  3. The Load system is buggy...

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  5. need more sex scene and can you please also add the option allowing your character to go into missions. Also can you add a way on how to get traits and also increasing certains stats besides strength and intelligence

  6. can you also add bonuses for the clothes and the type of physique that each character has

  7. more futa sex scene

  8. though I am asking much, can you add an x ray option

  9. ugh just wish that we could keep the Children that our female Strumpets have then they would become the next generation and maybe we the players could become breeders of some sort to allow the kids to inherit their parents stats and talents

    1. agreed, but also want a feature were you can see the progress of the pregnancy like an x ray feature as mentioned earlier

  10. Great stuff so far! I think I've pretty much beat the free demo so far. Looking forward to more content! =D

  11. Don't know if this has been adressed but is there a female/dickgirl only option considered at some point? I'd very much like that. Or maybe I'm just missing something and there is a way to "filter" customers?

    Regardless - more dickgirl and female animations would be welcome too. Great job so far.

  12. Airship quest requirements don't display correctly.

  13. Can we have Pube options for the Males too? :/

  14. Wow, stumbled on your game on newgrounds. I'm amazed.
    First thing first, great game so far. Here's what I found to be improved.
    - Quests: I got several bugs calling out my strumpet (which fulfilled the conditions) would NOT be suitable. After changing mission right left it accepts.
    - Bea's Quest was especially buggy. First, the above bug happened everytime with Bea's. When I discovered right/left solves the problem, I could send one strumpet. The next day, the counter was gone, no success. I repeated. Again. Then I repeated again.
    Then the success mail, sex scene (neither with bea nor with my avatar, but two random twins). Got Bea as strumpet though. Yay. The next day, second sucess, sex scene (this time Bea/my Avatar °x°) and ANOTHER BEA IN MY TEAM. Third day, third Success. Sex again (random twins) and third Bea. (I released two of them for better girls)
    - is Bea supposed to be non changeable, no clothes etc.?
    - as mentioned from many others, weapons... had two bodyguards (as I discoverd the third one doesn't show up) and when I did the barbers' quest, just one of them, my avatar (which i aligned to the quest) and the barber showed up, ok. Afterwards in normal fights, my first bodyguard who was part of the quest had lost it's sword and now fought with the barber's dual scissors. ok...
    - brothel: the barkeeper displays incorrectly. They change to the last sexual active strumpet.
    - after serving a customer, sometimes the next one is chosen right, sometimes, there is some issue with "undefined" name. Right/left solves this. Especially after training this is annoying, if you have to readjust. This issue comes and goes.
    - in 2.55 the train with /avatar was bugged out, my avatar (redhead cateared girl) changed to some futa baldie. In 2.60 this didn't happen, thank you.
    - Saving. Second time I tried the text file it didn't copy (and I just closed the browser -.-) Luckily the cookie save worked. Although it started at day 20 with "mistress isn't pleased" beside I closed at day 20 with "Ohhh yeessssss". It's no big deal, though.
    Pt. 1/3? kellerkauz

  15. Continue:
    "Could be improved"s (no bugs, but... you know ;-))
    - the "dominate them" in fight after seducing them is shown as cock sucking with cum. My avatar is female, though...
    - different backgrounds for different streets.
    - different backgrounds for dorms/library/gym
    - a background for kitchen
    - a background for the blimp harbour
    - more variety of random char's (I figured they all used the same 3 hair styles despite the (great) possibilities
    - despite me deactivating futas (for test and ease of play), I encountered missions for futas. The brothel preferences where fine, though.
    - I also found many girls with quite a packed pair of shorts. Why are they shown in a guy's default attire?
    - correct timers for missions, a sign that indicates the days it would take
    - more effect to the stats
    - after that, some tweaks to the traits (no contradicting traits, more effect on the start stats = no nerds with strength 300 in market)
    Pt. 2/3? kellerkauz

  16. At Last, some whishes (I'm no patron, though. Yet...)
    - Some reward for beating those fighters with dominance
    - a shared inventory for bought clothing and weapons
    - some more of the npc's (Not more NPCs, more love to the existing ones). Loved their reveal, especially the police girl. Some more... uhm delicate scenes to unlock would be quite nice. Maybe an encounter as guests of your brothel. With some benefits, if you serve them right. Maybe 1% discount stacking.

    But whishes are not quite important yet. Please don't loose your focus on adressing the issues before you spend time on possibilities. Anyway, I wanna thank you for putting so much effort in this game, and I hope I could help you without being too annoying. I'd like to apologise for my English, too.

    One thing at last:
    Maybe you could share me the secret of the tenth halloween candy corn? Without spoiling to others, but i've unlocked every optional stage, i've searched every corner of every alternate view and I even considered different sex and standing poses. Last thing I could imagine is me having a bug (not loading kitchen background for example) or the User interface blocking my sight...

    Anyway, please keep up the amazing work.

    With kind regards

    kellerkauz /tumblr Pt. 3/3

    1. Did you get the one in the exterior town view?

    2. When you see it...
      omg I feel so blind. Thanks a lot.

  17. - One of my strumpets was randomly attacked by a guy with knives, and fortunately, my main and my token male strumpet were on bodygoard duty. After two rounds of poison knives, the girl in the middle collapsed, but my other two kept flirting, and the assailant kept throwing his poison knives at the unconscious girl. By the time we finished seducing him, she had -24 HP, but the bodyguards were unharmed. When I hit Dominate, she stood right up and needed no more medical attention than a little head. Seems like a really strange way to guard someone.
    - The next time the same strumpet got knocked out by a knife-wielding cop, I noticed that my main, armed with a stick, had the special ability "Rage" instead of "Block". Apparently the bodyguards copy both the stats and the attacks of the one they're guarding? I used it, and then the cop attacked me instead of continuing to stab my unconscious employee.
    - The third time that same strumpet got knocked out, by an unarmed thug, I didn't use the "Rage" special and they still attacked me after knocking her down. That same strumpet is a real magnet for thugs and cops, but I've only seen that one with the poison throwing knives continue to attack after she fell down.
    - My name in the combat stats changed to "Cum Dun" but it appears unchanged everywhere else. Cum Dumpster is next strumpet in the list after me.
    - That same strumpet was attacked again and this time, my main, armed with a stick, had the "Poison" special attack. Nobody else in that fight was armed. I clicked it and threw two sticks at the thug and poisoned him. With sticks. So that wasn't a matter of the bodyguard copying the primary's weapon. Every fight in that session had the same, and my other bodyguard, unarmed, had "Rage" as he should.
    - My nurse is somehow equipped with poison scissors. Do those come with the costume or something? I didn't buy them. I haven't even seen them available to buy. Why does a nurse have poisoned scissors? Someone else said they came from the barber? It's been a while but I don't remember my nurse being the one to assist the barber.