Version 2.50

This time for Patrons, while we work on some of the more complicated requests, we added a few more tight top options, a new event system with a couple events. And a special secret that happens at the end of day 4.

I also fixed the release function and the blank traits issues.

Hearts out to the Shadman, hope he gets through this legal trouble.

Art news!

Hey everyone, Sismicious here.
Thanks for the MASSIVE amount of suggestions, we obviously can't anwser everyone individually, but we took a look at everything and are planning what to do and in what order. Currently I'll be focusing on things I can do easily and that don't imply code or new game mechanics.

First, and you'll find it in the new patreon release : Bodytypes

It was a long requested feature, but girls now have sweet abs as well as boys could be now more muscular. After all, having sex all day can get you fit (take notes from this 100% legit advice).

The second thing I wanted to show you is the new Brothel background :

The old one is still available, but only used for sex scenes. The new will allow us new possibilities, if you know what I mean ;)

That's all for now, be sure to come back from time to time!
Thanks everyone, and see you later,


New beards!

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Hey everyone, Sismicious here.
All aboard the beard train!

I did 6 new beard types so you can even more customize your character, and have more diversity with boys.

Version 2.49 Community Results Part 1


Patreon update-
We did not have enough time to add all of your requests but we did manage to cram a few in there. We asked a bit late in the bi-weekly update routine. The next few updates we will try our hardest to get to as much of the appropriate requests as we can. Some things require a lot more time, like a combat system(that is something we have been talking about for a while, but it is a considerable amount of work).
Honestly I can't remember all the stuff I added changed or fixed, but here is a list
-added more options to the clothing store, we might move these later/require you to unlock the ability to have free reign over the looks of your people.
- added 2 muscular bodies for males and females
- added trait tooltips and a few more interesting traits. (Some of the mood altering traits are not functional yet)
- New bar background for the brothel
- fixed issue with matchmaking your own strumpets
- reduced police attention gain
- changed some core character loading code, so this might fuck up some weird stuff, let me know. I haven't noticed anything, but as I'm sure you all know, that means nothing coming from me.

Who knew pregnancy was so popular?

Community Suggestions

Today we would like to ask you guys if there is anything you would love to see in Strumpets.
Anything, such as Princess Peach's clothes, Diva's face paint, Dwarves, 36 unique scrotum patterns, or a mechanic where you climb mountains and search for shrines for 40 hours. Anything at all, we want to hear it!
We can't guarantee that it will make it into the game, and simpler suggestions will obviously have a better chance. Also, If you have asked for something specific before, please ask us again. We aren't ignoring you, we probably just forgot.