Art news!

Hey everyone, Sismicious here.
Thanks for the MASSIVE amount of suggestions, we obviously can't anwser everyone individually, but we took a look at everything and are planning what to do and in what order. Currently I'll be focusing on things I can do easily and that don't imply code or new game mechanics.

First, and you'll find it in the new patreon release : Bodytypes

It was a long requested feature, but girls now have sweet abs as well as boys could be now more muscular. After all, having sex all day can get you fit (take notes from this 100% legit advice).

The second thing I wanted to show you is the new Brothel background :

The old one is still available, but only used for sex scenes. The new will allow us new possibilities, if you know what I mean ;)

That's all for now, be sure to come back from time to time!
Thanks everyone, and see you later,



  1. Thats really hot, i like the idea of fellow gym love'n gals. I totally have fantasizing about being a prostitute in one of those old brothels. Just a life staying fit, self improvement, lots of sex, taking care of men minus all the drama of dating them. Also i read some post resently on here about pregnancy... yes... hell yes, little known fact in the world where we gals are have fams in our 30s the accident knock up is a huge fear but also a huge fantasizing we gals have. I've had the pregnancy panic before, it sucks. At the same time i yelled out "make me a mommy", "i want to have your baby" and even resently "make me you little pregnant breeding bitch" during orgasm. Minds say "no baby", bodies say "you are 28... should have 6 kids by now you barren slut" haha

  2. Clothes, clothes, clothes!

    Where are all the the garter belts with fitting stockings, the oh so sexy micro bikinis, negligees, bikini towels, breast short shirts, skirts and miniskirts, shirts and tees, leg long sweaters, sexy jeans and trousers, tank tops, vails and more more more costumes

    ...and tanlines, the oh so glorious tanlines, the microbikini ones are a must!

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  4. Those new bodies look pretty bad.

    "Relief lines" are incredibly sharp, looking like deep cuts or scars or slits between hard plates.

    Those lines on rightmost girl's legs make it look like wrinkles of a loose skin put on top of some sort of endoskeleton. Guy's right leg looks especially like some skin got caught inside the robocop-like gap between hip and pelvis.

  5. Mary Ushiromiya30 March 2017 at 03:22

    We want to be pregnant with sluts, and give ourselves to boys.

  6. I tried to post these bugs a couple times with Firefox, but I don't see them, so maybe that's not working? Or maybe the posts about version 2.49.5 no longer accept comments?

    Anyway, these notes are all about version 2.49.5.

    - The kitchen defaults back to gruel when loading a game. The "every day" meal is not restored.
    - Similarly, the brothel goes back to the default assortment of clients on resuming a game.
    - Your last Street isn't saved either. It defaults to Slums on reload.
    - Having a strumpet read a book for a skill they have 0 in gives them "Infinity" of that skill.
    - When scrolling through strumpet's jobs, the sex icon sometimes shows the next strumpet's sex, or shows male for everyone.
    - In Upgrades, the Brothel never shows as "Purchased" until you scroll away from it and come back.
    - I bought a futaneko, still denoted with the "O" for sex, and her cock only appears in the market. She counts as a girl in the brothel. Apparently she's a normal catgirl that Sugu strapped a toy to just to sell her.
    - Sugu tells you about the "More Exotic" quest again after reloading, even after selling you catgirls. And Nioka will accept another 5k for it. And Sugu comgratulates you and says he'll have something more exotic tomorrow. There doesn't appear to be any effect. (I saw catgirls with cocks in the market before that.)
    - Bea's quest is also repeatable after reloading. You can have multiples of her working for you.
    - The default spacebar action in the jail is to pay 1000 gold to release someone, even if there's nobody in jail. Shouldn't giving them 1000 for nothing count as a bribe?
    - If catgirls are enabled, it seems like that should be a significant factor in a john's preferences, but it doesn't seem to matter whether a girl is furry or not as long as she doesn't have a cock.
    - The sex symbol for catgirls should not be the same "O" as the "any" symbol. It should be the venus symbol if they count as girls or a separate symbol, like a circle with ears and tail, if client/mission requirements differentiate between furry and not.
    - The "Pleasing Males" skill for everyone is rated "l". If that's a one, it's in a different font. It looks like the lowercase letter L.
    - Scrolling left in training and teaching and selecting a chef doesn't update visually, but seems to invisibly change which strumpet is selected anyway.
    - When Bea joins your team, her skin tone has to be purchased separately. She was just as pale white as my main character.
    - It would be nice to be able to sort/filter the brothel clients once there are many more than you can serve. For example, 75% want women, your females are already tired, and you have to click through hundreds you can't satisfy, repeatedly, to get to the few your males can serve. Or maybe you can send away the ones you can't serve. Or if you have way more clients than staff, maybe your could reduce that by not even letting in the poorest and dirtiest ones.
    - After the bartender services a client in the brothel, they reappear both behind the counter and up front. After training the bartender, some random guy shows up behind the bar instead.

    1. Wow! Thanks a lot! I'll fix these as soon as I can.