Version 2.50

This time for Patrons, while we work on some of the more complicated requests, we added a few more tight top options, a new event system with a couple events. And a special secret that happens at the end of day 4.

I also fixed the release function and the blank traits issues.

Hearts out to the Shadman, hope he gets through this legal trouble.


  1. Where are the lesbian/gay scenes?

  2. Here's a request I'm hoping isn't too late to post: More corsets, and maybe some male corsets if you're kinky enough. ;)

  3. Forgot, please add Russian language

  4. So I figured out what the problem was with posting from Firefox. I must have some security setting that's blocking the captcha, so that didn't even come up and the "Publish" just silently failed.

    Anyway, looks like I'm moving on to 2.52, so here's what I noticed in version 2.50.5:

    - Good night's sleep + Fancy meal = 6 stamina, which lights up 0 dots, then using one up lights up 5.
    - Being mistaken for a prince(ss) doesn't actually change how much clients pay.
    - The stripper view in the brothel conflicts with the strumpet selection and talk functions - shouldn't the selection left and right buttons in stripper view select the different strippers?
    - Shouldn't the default for a boob job be to take your bra off? And shoes off for a foot job, for those outfits with shoes?
    - Strumpets still do their non-sexual Jobs while in Jail or on Missions.
    - What are the Secretary and Matron jobs supposed to do? Annila comes with the brothel... but do we hire her or own her? With Annila and Bea as NPCs, what is there for a strumpet Matron and Secretary to do? Or are those Jobs meant to have the strumpet of your choice take over those positions, with Annila and Bea serving as defaults until you assign someone else? Is Annila going to have a quest at some point to join your team, unlocking the ability to take over as Matron yourself and put Annila to work actually making money?
    - Traits like Loud and Shy don't seem like they should go together, but rolling 326 Confidence with a Shy penalty makes it look like the stat traits don't matter anyway. If traits explained, or at least coincided with, unusually low or high stats, they'd make more sense. Maybe in addition to matching them to a stat that's already exceptionally high of low, the traits should give multipliers instead of flat adjustments, so they also increase/decrease the gain from training, quality, items, and adventuring, until the trait is magically removed.
    - Intelligence and Strength are the easiest stats to raise, but also the easiest to start over 300. Why are superhuman strength and intelligence more common among sex slaves than extreme obedience, skill, or beauty? Perhaps the common, trainable, effective, and possible ranges should be normalized and training should reach a point of diminishing returns, especially when the student has already surpassed the teacher?
    - Initial strength does not correlate with body type.
    - Trainer/Librarian stats don't seem to affect the teaching and strength training results at all. It's not clear whether the Matron's Skill should affect sex training, but nothing seems to.

  5. [...continued because I wrote too much...]
    - Stockings have a gap at the ankles, particularly noticable on the left ankle of the garter stockings.
    - B.CH doesn't automatically take any of her uniform off to ride reverse-cowgirl or give boob jobs or spoon. Maybe outfits need pulled-down and pulled-aside states?
    - Super-pale doesn't count as "Pale Skin" for brothel preferences.
    - The first strumpet shown when opening the gym and library to train is probably not actually the one selected. Just pressing space trains someone else and shows their updated stat appear on the wrong strumpet.
    - Trainer sweatpants and nurse panties are left on while riding reverse-cowgirl. Is the nurse costume a bodysuit under that skirt and blouse? Does it pull aside or unsnap or something?
    - Nurse and chef underwear are left on for spooning... but I think the chef's shorts are crotchless? Fork-shaped cutout? How would that even work?
    - Clients need clothes. It seems odd that they always strip themselves naked immediately, but don't strip the strumpet unless you click.
    - I believe other commenters have mentioned this, but it's a little strange to see women paying as much to give men footjobs, boobjobs, and blowjobs as they would pay to get properly fucked. It's also strange that women who request futanari only ever want oral.
    - It would save on the tedium of scrolling through strumpets to match up requests if the customers would just point out who they want most and who they'd settle for. It would also give some feedback on whether other factors, like beauty and confidence, are doing anything. Perhaps a toggle in the brothel to sort the strumpets by either their default order or the order of desirability to the current customer? Maybe a third setting to sort the clients by suitability to the strumpet. Or maybe that's what a skilled Matron does? She automatically picks the available strumpet who best suits the client's request?
    - What if experienced strumpets started getting regular customers requesting them by name and willing to pay extra for them, maybe even bring them presents?
    - Strumpets revert to neutral pose after serving a client, then resume their usual pose the next time they're selected.
    - Scrolling left to the previous mission makes it appear unavailable unless the one you moved left from actually is unavailable, and always hides the mission level.
    - Missions/locations/clients/meals/jobs should scroll left and right with Q/E like strumpets scroll with A/D.

  6. [...continued again because there's no indication of where the 4,096th character is...]
    - Customers who request female or futanari give masculine names, even if they happen to be female or futa themselves.
    - I had a catgirl train with my female main character and the scene was my main with the catgirl's tail riding some random guy.
    - I had a futanari train with my female main character and the scene was some random naked bald white guy taking my main from behind. There are futa/fem BJ scenes, so I was expecting one of those.
    - Total Cost in the shop often changes to a minimum of 1000 after buying something, and if you keep clicking Buy, it will continue to charge 1000 for nothing.
    - Changing your outfit back to one you've previously bought doesn't cost any less. The girls have no inventory or wardrobe. If they did, regular customers could bring their favorite girls new lingerie they want them to wear.
    - The Filters button in the brothel obscures the bottom two icons for filtering.
    - Loading a saved game starts the strumpets all off with sour expressions, even if they are 100% happy, and they regain their smiles as soon as they get laid. Okay, so that part is pretty reasonable, but being annoyed at having been saved and reloaded is a little 4th-wall.
    - When I send all my strumpets out on missions, some come back the next day, and more come back the second day, but there's no announcement of their success or rewards until everyone is back on the third day.
    - It would be nice if the daily notices could be reviewed after being closed, in case you're clicking too fast and didn't notice there was still a right arrow after dinner until you'd just clicked "Ok".
    - When you have two bartenders, and you select the one behind the bar to work in the brothel, instead of the other taking over, the bar is left empty while the active bartender is up front. Is there even any advantage to two bartenders? Should multiple bartenders be allowed if it doesn't do anything?

    1. Wow man thanks a lot. 90% of these I never even thought of. I'll fix all of them sooner or later.