Community Suggestions

Today we would like to ask you guys if there is anything you would love to see in Strumpets.
Anything, such as Princess Peach's clothes, Diva's face paint, Dwarves, 36 unique scrotum patterns, or a mechanic where you climb mountains and search for shrines for 40 hours. Anything at all, we want to hear it!
We can't guarantee that it will make it into the game, and simpler suggestions will obviously have a better chance. Also, If you have asked for something specific before, please ask us again. We aren't ignoring you, we probably just forgot.


  1. I have only two things immediately in mind.

    First one, limiting clientèle types, is already implemented in brothel settings.

    Second one, unfortunately, is game's art style. Which is not something that will get changed willy nilly and, I think, the artist claimed he preferred it that way. But never the less, I'll elaborate.

    Tiny nose and mouth, with latter looking circle-ish and lower lip looking more like a big round blister. Male lips look more realistic in comparison. I guess that would be an incentive for me to keep the girls happy to make them smile instead of scowling... Multiple new nose types will probably help with the former.

    Default posture gives girls П-shaped legs. Combined with comical facial features makes them look like literal dolls, like, the type from the toy store. Drops their sexiness level in my eyes quite a bit.

    But there are additional postures and facial features already added, so it is not such a big deal anymore.

    So, as unrestrained suggestions go, I think I'll suggest more fine control over girls' looks, including postures.

    Maybe in same vein as brothel's client-control, where you have to earn the ability to do so first.
    Something like "Wanna teach your girls how to look like a lady and not like a thug? Unlock Refinement Classes for %money_amount% after doing %NPC_name%'s quest!" and "Plastic Surgery Clinic: LOCKED(you do not meet the requirements)".

    Also, furry girls seem to have a pug face. Flat, with tiny button nose and wide, thin lipped, very arched mouth line.
    Design change would be welcome, if it ever comes.

    Also, *COUGH*animalpeniseswouldbenice*COUGH*

    1. Wait a second, isn't this already the game's second art style? I think redoing everything again would just be a massive waste of dev time and money. Art style's pretty subjective anyway, and I personally like it as is; I agree on more body shape and posture control, though.

    2. First style was just a bunch of assets from Legend of Krystal flash game.
      And never did I mention the need to redo everything.

  2. I guess a location to train stats. I know there's the library, gym, and brothel for intelligence strength and skill, but it'd be nice to have a spa or kinky sex dungeon to raise beauty and obedience.

    It'd also be nice to have a clearer purpose for each stat so that we don't feel stats like obedience or beauty are worthless. Because right now they don't have much if any impact.

    It'd also be nice to have BDSM style clothing or accessories. Ballgags, blindfolds, dog collars, chastity belts, anything else you can think of.

    Mechanical request: ability to sort strumpets. While we can filter, it'd be nice to put them in a certain order. The default just makes everything feel so messy.

    Also, great game guys. Keep up the good work, but also please do some debugging in between adding content. Looking through the strumpets while at the dorms is so much hassle because you can only look one direction. Trying to move the other way does nothing until you switch back to other direction. And the fact that the main characters name is liable to constantly change to someone else's is annoying.

  3. Hello, I believe it would be nice to implement more clothes and hairs. For example D'va's costume will be a really nice thing to see inside the game, another is a skirt or a dress. Also maybe even having a tennis outfit. Also maybe some fairy type costumes might be very interesting to see. A playboy bunny costume or even elf. Men could have leather jackets or biker clothes. They could maybe have something with heroic or warrior types.

    For hairs things can be thought of like ponytails that lean down or even long wavy hair. Schoolgirl hair with pigtails will be something different also. Guys could have a more anime type hair that could fit them or even rocker style might be cool.

    Also maybe having the idea of trying on shoes of sandals, high heels, snickers etc.

    Some extra things I believe that will be nice to see is self play of characters or with toys. Maybe later mission that unlock new scenes with different characters.

    These are some ideas hope it helps you all. Great job!

  4. I like to see a version of this game for android (Sorry for the english).

  5. My first suggestion is related to tattoos: on the one hand they look horrible the slaves with the body totally tattooed, especially if it is obscene tattoos, if I were someone who is going to buy a slave, I would look for it without any mark and the That they are with the whole body tattooed would not accept them nor that they would pay me to take them to them.

    However tribal tattoos would irian excellent with an elf or drow character, if you can add these 2 races you would do well a tribal tattoo.

    On the other hand, there is a type of tattoo that has not been considered, and is excellent with the subject of slaves, I mean a brand like the ones that are made to cows to know who owns it. That kind of tattoo should be implemented.

    Changing the subject, I think that the game requires 2 very important places (so far I have played until version 2.47) the first is a hairdresser to change the type of hairstyle, although this does not think it applied much to the slaves. The second would be a dungeon where slaves are trained to be more obedient, I have realized that it is the only attribute that can not be modified, and I do not understand how a dungeon that would be suitable for slaves is not yet implemented.

  6. how about having a Setting where Strumpets can Fight for the Amusement of Clients & Also to Settle Disputes in house?

  7. First of all, I'd love to see some muscle tones to choose from in the character creator, and randomized for NPCs. I've seen that this is already a planned feature for males, but I'd like it to be applied for females too so we can have some buff-looking ladies.
    Secondly, one thing that would greatly improve sex scenes is facial expressions. Currently they just stare emptily with their default expression, which looks ESPECIALLY weird when someone involved is looking sad. So it'd be great if their faces would animate during sex, even to a small extent like shifting between appropriate expressions.

    1. I would second that second one. Some expressions unique to the sexual experience would go a long way.

  8. I'd like the option to change the pants of MC and slaves. Also, matching pants for the sexy red top would be nice.

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  10. I have two ideas:
    1.- A tattoo store (for remove or make new tattoos obviously)
    2.- And new clothes as rewards in some of the missions of the airship

    And three suggestions:
    1.- Repair the clothing store, because there are many bugs when you try to choose clothes.
    2.- Add more story after passing the mission of recollect 5000 lust, because after that, everything becomes repetitive.
    3.- And I think you should change the model for the furries, they look a little weird, I was expecting to see something like this:

    1. I don't know why the last sentence looks that way, (so separate between the words I mean) sorry?

  11. Great game! I love playing it, and starting new files to see how quick I can run through. Keep up the great work! Now here are some of my ideas some are repeats from others. (Because they are awesome ideas that need to be done.)

    1: Make a android apk and apple dmg like SimBro does.

    2: Pregnancy. Have you heard of the Hyperbolic time chamber from the dragon ball series? There one day to us is a year in there. So have the Strumpet get pregnant. They have the baby. Baby spends 18-20 days in the chamber. (Could make it two years for a day making the wait only ten days.) Voila! New strumpet! This could be used to carry over stats and/or traits from the mother and father.

    3: Beauty salon. Change tattoes hair and pubes here.

    4: Cameo charaters returning would be nice. I miss them.

    5: Bribe police button on all screens.

    6: More keyboard controlls. Really great idea to begin with. But needs more put in to call it done.

    7: Decoys. Have either a Strumpet go as a decoy to keep police attention down or have a stooge you can hire for the day.

    8: Better intercourse faces. The women look bored all the time. (Kinda funny at times.)

    Thats it for me. Hope you like the list. And everything would be resonible to add in. #2 I know would be a pain... But would be awesome to have.

  12. Hoo boy, list incoming:
    -Pregnancy for sure, probably just make everyone have free contraceptives by default with the option to turn them off
    >Side note: maybe come with lactation and milk play?
    -Breast implants or some kind of magic way to adjust breast size
    -Nipple types (maybe with magic way to change them?)
    >For body changes, make them expensive or throw in a little quest somewhere to unlock them
    -Fetish-y scenes or situations, like assigning someone as a BDSM decoration for the brothel or enemas or something
    -Separate pants?
    -Do something different with the quest/expedition system, anything, it's a drag
    -Do something different with the police system, as ANYTHING's better than sex-sex-bribe-sex-sex-bribe until everyone's stamina's gone
    -MAYBE one more furry race. Stick with a classic like a bunny girl, referring to Playboy and such, since we already have the clothes
    -Colored eye contacts/magic? Probably just for player fun and not for profit
    -Random secret things in the black market, like a 2% chance for some rare thing that is only found there

    1. Oh yeah, forgot a bit with the furry comment. I meant to include that it might be better off where we just get the cat girls, but they provide more quests for things like elf girls or orcs or something.

    2. Dude Don,t get carried away and make this into a breeding season. I hate furry. Beside my only request is to keep it simple and more story.

  13. Hello, long time watcher/player. I've really enjoyed what you've created so far! Here are some things I would love to see added or changed.

    TRAITS: this system needs an overhaul. Consider some of the following...

    -Positive, Neutral, and Negative traits.

    -Positive and Negative traits are unilateral: So strumpets aren't bother good and bad at cooking.

    -Some traits are leveled: example, (1)likes woman (2)prefers woman (3)lesbian. These traits would change if the strumpet is male to gay and give bonus skill when dealing with the preferred gender.

    -Traits are listed as Common (70% chance to spawn on creation), Uncommon (29%), and Rare (1%). Royalty, Demon, and From the Moon would be rare, while Tribal is Uncommon.

    -Some traits are set in stone...others are not: Things like Royalty can only be earned at creation and cannot be changed. The unilateral traits however can be, either through a Trait shop, or through events/missions. In either case it shouldn't be cheap or easy.

    -Certain things should be tied to traits: Make some eye colors, hair colors/styles, and skin colors only available through traits. Example, Demon traits are Red skin, Horns, and Black & yellow eyes. If a strumpet has "Demonic Ancestry" they can have one of those. If the have the lvl2 trait "Demonic" then they could have two of those traits and if they have "Demon" then they would have all three. In this situation those physical attributes cannot be changed as they are tied to the trait.

    And finally traits should be special. Something to add value to a strumpet, not something that every strumpet has in abundance.

    STRATEGIC HOOKING...didn't know how else to put that...

    Instead of every job site being able to handle ALL strumpets each day it would be neat if each location had a number of spots that you put selected strumpets into.
    This would change the game in a number of ways. First off police interest could be per slot instead of as a whole. This plays off of Birth247's idea for decoys . By placing a strumpet with a trait that draws attention, or hiring a stooge you can draw attention away form the other locations.
    Each slot then gets a random number of client who show up. You get to pick and choose which ones you want to service, not knowing how many there will be. In this way you may skip a client that has poor hygiene or cash, only to find they were the last client who showed up resulting in a loss of the remaining stamina.
    This would also add in another level of strategy as low paying areas might have a higher number of slots, while rich areas only have a few. Do you focus on high numbers on the streets drawing a ton of attention or do you focus on your best strumpets to turn some high priced tricks?

    Finally I agree again with Birth247...even if they aren't the literal Nintendo characters the cameos were fun...although a bit too common.

    Hope you find something of use from this/us and look forward to future updates! :D

  14. I like to see Succubus and Catgirl caracters for example

    1. Catgirls are already in the game, brah. I kinda feel like having a succubus character might undermine Bea as a character, too.

    2. We already have Catgirls, maybe they could add Bunny-girls or Kitsune-girls?

  15. Hello sirs! First of all I'd really like to thank you for all the effort and the love you put on this game, which is incredible! I'm also a programmer and kind of graphical designer so I guess I can kind of recognize at least part of the dedication, the time and the hard work that are behind this, so thank you again. Also I love the art and the models of this game. I think you are developing something that can really become big and known all over the world (and I envy you for that:) ).

    I am not trying to disparage all the other suggestions (like pregnacy and the hairshoop) but I think they are small details that are not really needed for the game, which IMHO what really needs is to have more things to do along the day (not only sex-sex-bribe-sex-sex-bribe as someone said before) but to have like different minigames to perform or different ways to use the strumpets.

    How about hack-and-slash sex scenes? And depending on winning o losing to earn more or less money.

    How about to go with a strumpet to a dungeon mission with a turn-based sex combat? In which strumpets could level up and use different sex attacks, like handjobs or squirt attacks (which is also a think that could do the girls just like the boys do when cumming).

    And besides, of course, to have more clothes and sex postures. I'd love to have usable strap-on for the girls and to be able to have threesomes or BDSM scenes.

    I also really like the dick girls, which I always choose in a run (I find arousing when they cum), so obviously I think they could have more postures and appear more often on the market.

    I am just trying to help and I trust more in your criteria about this game than mine, so I'd perfectly understand that both of you decide not to take any of this ideas into consideration.

    I wish the best luck for you guys.

    Cheers from Spain

  16. Mary Ushiromiya10 March 2017 at 10:32

    BDSM style clothing or accessories. Ball gags, blindfolds, dog collars, chastity belts, anything else you can think of.

  17. Being a female player I would love it there was someone within the game that we could date or romance long-term and not just fuck. I also think pairs of twins together (maybe they could cost double in the store?) for a twincest-customer threesome would be really cute! <3

  18. It would be cool if we had different clothing options such as Witch, Magical Girl, Lolita, Dark Lolita, etc.

  19. More sound effects (such as moans during sex scenes)

    A more erotic face on girls with full mood (like biting her lips or the option for blushed cheeks)

    A less goofy face for guys on fool mood

    A way to recruit the warden, shop owners, and demonic girls as characters (maybe even get discounts once you do so)

    Another level of speed for sex scenes (specially the lap dance,in that one the character does not ejaculate in the version I play)

    The option to change the strumpet's poses and facial expressions after a certain level of mood

  20. We need a bit more automation, like maybe have the ability to assign characters as masters/mistresses, who can manage 3 or 4 other characters to auto-assign them for brothel or street work.

  21. M/M scenes and more F/F scenes please, more quests from NPCs, more short hairstyles, ability to buy shoes and some kind of skirts, crossdressing function for guys in M/M scenes(like you can buy them girls' clothes) and voices please
    Love your game!

  22. would been fun to changes boob size and cock size

    and change body form from thik to thin

    choose sex preforms, want u want to do: vagnial, anal, oreal and sounding sex

    and last inflection, fill up

  23. It'd be nice to have skin tones of red, blue, teal, and the like as seen in the first game. Being able to make the player character a cat would also be pretty cool.

  24. More futa animations possibly? It was pretty disappointing that I couldn't get my futa character to plow the other girls in the brothel.

  25. I love really black girls like in the first version

  26. Great job so far I love your game. But I would like to share some Ideas to your game.
    1) Story: the game tells us about the player going to hell and be reincarnated as Pimp.
    The problem is the Pimp does not have much to do here. Like he just collect lust crystal,
    Can’t he/she get a gift on exchange of the crystal like Increase loyalty or increased attraction or something, better paying customer strength to face angels (will explain in game Mechanics).
    Next let’s restrict this game to 3 races demon, angel and human (demon variant succubus and incubus, Angels more Elf like feature with wings) that mean NO MORE FURRY, this is not breeding season(Make a standalone feature for furry).

    2) Game Mechanics: Player should have dueling or fight Mechanics one similar to “Akaburr Games” Look up “witch trainer” you will see genie fight Snape in that game. Player should be given the chance to fight those who skip on paying for the service, and most importantly fight angels
    i) Win: Get to enslave the Loser and make them into sex slaves human or angel or demon.
    Should also have the option to sell them at the market.

    ii) Lose: Get sent back to hell and pay the toll to reincarnate.
    By this you may lose your slaves as they left you or some stay behind because their loyal trait is high.

    3) Potion Shop: Instead of a body modification shop, have an all-purpose potion shop.
    It can sell potion such as size adjustment potion for (breast, and dick), Sex change potion.
    Aphrodisiac, love potion (to increase loyalty), STR, INT, Stamina Potion, healing Potion.
    You get the Idea.

    4) Stage: I have request it before and request it again change the background when player un lock location, we are still seeing slum back ground, it does not seem like the factory or bar or high class mansion when we are doing the deed. It should feel captivating in appearance, good job on brothel BTW.
    Overall these are the thing I feel is needed to bump up the game popularity, hope this is helpful.
    With regards
    Bigg Fan

    1. one other thing I forgot to add we should get drops from the loser, like money or potions and items.
      Please do add the selling feature for Slave market merchant and potion merchant.


  27. Could you add mythical creatures as the main character or prostitute?

  28. different penis sizes, like small, average, big and huge.

  29. Maybe add more missions, dialogues etc that give more fun to the game. Since otherwise the game becomes repetitive.And, as I said months ago in newgrounds, is there any possibility of including sex between boys? I mean, you have the option guy and girl, futa with guy and girl ; or girl with girl. But I have not seen anything between boys...

  30. hmm maybe add some Male on Male Animations? we have lesbian sex what about the Boys? should we give gay sex a spin?