Combat Demo 3

This time we added 2 new weapon types, elemental weapons, weapon stats, and some new animations. Also fixed a bunch of bugs. Up next is some actual AI for the enemies and polish. By the way, the money cheat from the base game works, or you can just use the cheat weapon in the store.

Holy shit Monster Hunter World! I am so excited, I hope they don't fuck it up...


  1. Holy shit, this is fucking it up royally. I just want to run a whorehouse with lot's of fapable fucking and dressing up. None of this fighting shit shit.

    1. Hey man I like this stuff. If I wanted to just beat my meat I'd go down to the ol' pornhub, but having other things to do, like combat and stats, makes this an actual game.

    2. He's right y'know? It adds a bit of variety to the game. More things to do, ways to fuck bitches get money.

  2. He does have a point though. I am supporting this game as a brothel sim not a fighting sim. But I will wait patiently like everyone else.

  3. I must say that the combat system has been greatly improved, and something that I appreciate is that they added new weapons, some with elemental effects, but still with an annoying bug that paralyzes the game you use the attack too fast, another bug you notice is that The ice sword seems to have no elementary effect, or at least this is not visible.

    In relation to the selection of weapons and clothing, that section has many errors, as well as the section that subelos status at the expense of your money (money can be finished but still keep raising status points)

    Something that I see that is necessary is the option of dismissing a group member, as well as it is difficult to know if the character you recruited is a girl or a transsexual (with men that problem does not occur, of course)

    Finally, I see that it still needs to be executed by winning, either by force or by lust, but I would like it if it were for lust, the whole group should mount an orgy with the victim, it would be interesting to see how a defeated character makes for Meet the needs of three individuals.

  4. Forget to mention, I like that they added the skin tone of the devil, but I would like more if you can add one for men, also a bluish tone like the night elves, and a green like the orcs, something else That I can think of is to add long hair for both girls and guys, I know it's a lot to ask for a simple demo, but if it can be added in the demo it will be much better when added to the original game

  5. Can you upload a browser version like last time?

    1. I will for the next update. hopefully soon.

  6. Awesome man :) Just awesome :) Need more like this :)

  7. If you upload each update as a new game every time on Newgrounds, I think you would get a lot more attention.

  8. I've been following this game for a long time and I'm still waiting for the sex to be sexy. It's very boring right now because you see nothing but hips and they feel lifeless. There's gotta be more work done on the animations. The game itself I like and the art is awesome but the actual sex keeps me from enjoying it because that's really why I'm here.
    With that being said I think this fighting stuff isn't really the way to go. It's really random to have a brothel where the whores fight people on the side.
    I think more time should be spent figuring out what makes sex sexy and then doing that in the game, and working more on game progress that revolves around the characters and sex not fighting

  9. - Sometimes defeated enemies stand back up, or sit up, with 0 HP.
    - After a Quake that finishes one or two enemies, the targeted enemy may change without moving the indicator. I think the selector moving to an unconscious enemy may be related to them standing back up.
    - Shopping is difficult when you have to buy all your clothes and weapons at the same time. It appears to want to charge you for the sum total of what you want to have, regardless of whether you're already wearing some of it.
    - There doesn't seem to be any way to change to other weapons you previously had, so I'm unsure what the "Weapons" selector on the Stats page is for. Just leftover from the previous demo?
    - Perhaps the above two and some other issues with the main game's shopping could be addressed by implementing an inventory and buying and keeping individual items instead of previewing an outfit and then clicking one button to buy the whole outfit. That would be more familiar to RPG players, too.
    - Flirting changes to holding your stick (or your "stick") for the duration of the animation. So does Block.
    - There's no option to "pass" if you want the next character to finish the fight and the current one has recently used Block and Heal. I guess there's no real reason to not just attack, but it's an RPG, right?
    - It's hard to tell who you're clicking on to target when they've fallen over in different directions from stabs, kicks, shocks, etc. Maybe target by clicking on their name/info tags, too?
    - Rage-Quake with an electrical or poisoned weapon is OP. If it cost more than two wins to buy the weapon, or the elemental effect and area damage were distributed instead of applied to all opponents, it would be a little better, but it doesn't matter if you're poisoned for 2 turns or 6 if you're dead after the first round of poison. The flaming hammer seems to only do one round of fire, but with a Str 120 Rage-Quake, that's enough to finish the fight. That's with some random guy who joined after my first fight. I didn't even have to increase his Strength.
    - How does hitting the ground with a poisoned sword even affect people, anyway? That makes no sense. Does it, like, poison the ground water and make the whole town sick so fast these three random naked people fall over dead of water they drank yesterday, but just by coincidence, everyone else in town boiled their water and had tea?
    - "Do a sexy move and damage an opponent's lust" is an odd description for lust moves. It's not /damaging/ their lust, it's /harnessing/ their lust until it overcomes their willpower. A better way to say it without adding more words would be "damaging an opponent's calm." #BringBackFirefly

  10. - "Take a defensive stance to block for three turns" is also poorly worded. It implies that your actions for the next three turns will all be in a defensive mode to block attacks, when what actually happens is you sacrifice one attack to cast a defensive spell and then your next two actions are unhindered. Personally, I would prefer to have those all as separate options.
    1) defensive stance that improves your chance of resisting attacks, but instead of counting as your action, makes your attack that turn easier to block, but you can stay in that stance as long as you like. No downside to using this mode while drinking a potion, so maybe it would be automatically enabled for that turn. But maybe it ends the Rage buff, so you can't Rage in Defensive stance.
    2) block action that has a significantly better chance of blocking or dimishing incoming attacks, but it counts as your action that turn, and gets less effective if you repeat it subsequent turns.
    3) take a turn to cast a shield spell on yourself or someone else, or at a higher mana cost, on all allies, that works like the current "block".
    - Why does Zap not inflict any Shock effect?
    - I usually hire security and trainers with a starting Strength of 300+. According to this demo, they would, with their bare hands and no training, defeat most groups of enemies in one click by punching the ground. Sure, it uses all their mana and they can't do it again for a few rounds, but the fight's already over, so who cares? Something's out of balance, and I would suggest it's the starting Strength and Intelligence scores for high quality slaves.
    - I set my three characters' stats to about what they usually are after about 30 days in the game. One with 300 Strength, one 300 Intelligence, and one 75 Beauty + 150 Skill. Without even using magic weapons or Quake, there would rarely be a round three. Flirt, Zap, Kick, Flirt, You Win. Maybe one more click if someone blocked.
    - Are the enemy stats going to increase as the game progresses? The ones in the demo might be about right for the first week, when I'm focusing on streets.
    ...By day 10, I have a brothel, all the streets, and most of the market upgrades, and I'm already training Skill, but my Str and Int are still about where they started.
    ...By day 20, I'm training skills in missions, Int and Str at home, buying all the books in the black market, and hiring very selectively.
    ...By day 30, I have a Librarian and Nurse with 300+ Int and a Trainer and Security with 300+ Str, several Strippers with 60+ Beauty, and almost everyone has 100+ Confidence, so I'm buying all the perfume for Bea with her scant 50.
    ...By day 40, I've retired my first week hires and I'm replacing them with whoever randomly turns up with high Confidence, Obedience, and Beauty.
    ...In that 100 day run I just did to test pregnancy, most of my strumpets had over 1000 in one stat or over 500 in two, a few had over 100 Beauty, and I don't even know how high their Skill was.
    Even my Advertisers and Maids would be able to take the demo enemies a couple weeks, but probably not on their second day, so the difficulty balance is really going to depend on the circumstances of the fight.
    - How about some lust "weapons", like feather fans, feather dusters, leather whips, vibrators, etc?
    - Reducing an enemy to kneeling in front of you, furiously masturbating, would give new meaning to the "Finish Him!" finale. Depending on the circumstance of the fight, maybe we should get a bonus for getting them off after they submit.


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