Combat Demo 2

We cleaned up the combat demo and added a bunch of new things. Also a little minigame where you gain money from fights and can level up your stats. Lust is unrelated to stats right now, so there is no point in upping skill or beauty, I'll fix that later, just not sure how to balance it yet. Please let us know what you think!

you can download it here Or play it here!


  1. Needs an indicator to show who's turn it is, like lighting up your character's stat box or putting little arrow above your head.

    Also found a bug: while I was typing this, the lightning from the zap attack just appeared and is just floating there.

  2. - Why do the lust moves affect a selected target? Groping someone would be a one-on-one single-target action, but showing off your body and trying to tempt the enemy into fucking instead of fighting isn't really a directed thing. It should affect anyone watching who finds you attractive. Brothel clients are only interested in one sex, so perhaps each enemy is, or maybe some are more open to options. They might also be more vulnerable to specific hair and skin and fur colors and breast sizes, like customers, but that's all about the observer assessing the performer, not the performer aiming at an audience. So flaunt what you got, and see who reacts, and you might have just wasted a turn if nobody's interested.
    - I have a suggestion for how skill, beauty, and lust actions could work. Maybe area-effect visual teasing and single-target physical groping should be two separate actions. See who's interested by lowering their resistance, and then pounce on the most vulnerable to finish them off. I would make teasing primarily based on beauty and confidence with a dash of skill, while groping is based on skill and confidence and a little bit of beauty. Making teasing lower resistance by a percentage of the current value based on how interested they are in the teaser would make it most effective to use first, but hard to finish with. (Set a minimum if you want it to be even possible.) Then having gropes damage their will to fight based on stats and remaining resistance with a bonus from attraction would make it the lust finishing move.
    - Are lust actions supposed to even have an effect yet? It lowers that third stat on the selected enemy, but they don't stop fighting when that goes negative. I expected them to surrender and take you up on your offer when it hits zero. In fact, it would make sense to me that the lower that bar gets, the weaker their strength and intelligence based attacks are, because they're more horny than angry and too distracted to cast properly. This balances out the damage you took from them getting to that point.
    - "Zap" sounds like something fast, but the buildup takes so long the enemy could get in another whole round of attacks while you're "charging your laser". It's just a zap, not a kamehameha.
    - Is the healing a spell, or a potion, or a spell that summons a potion? The animation is a potion, but it costs mana, or whatever that star is, and the effectiveness has nothing to do with intelligence. Maybe there should be three healing options, one to consume a potion from your item stock (fixed effect, no cost) and one to cast a healing spell on yourself or one ally (Int and Nursing effect, low mana cost) and one for all of your allies (Int and Nursing effect, high mana cost). Maybe even a fourth, to use Nursing skill and a little Int to apply a bandage.
    - When an enemy falls, the target indicator doesn't automatically move to the next.
    - Where's the fireball? Melee attacks have an area effect option and magic doesn't? Maybe "Zap" should be the default attack for wands (no cost because it's no more efficient for Intelligence than basic physical attacks are for Strength) and the one that costs mana should have different options depending on the caster's Wisdom skill. Basic fantasy tropes like fireballs and freeze rays and magic missiles and more specifically themed spells like acid that dissolves their clothing/armor and lust spells that suddenly make /everyone/ their "type" and damaging/restraining/groping hentai tentacles summoned right beneath the target.

  3. After testing the demo, I must say that it is good, as long as it is the combat 1 vs 1, but when adding more people the situation is complicated and comes to cause bug, besides that I did not find way to dismiss the characters recruited, the ability of Belzeker does not help much in my opinion, heal if he does, the zap does not seem to be very different from the common attack, although I think that will change in the future, flirt if I disappoint a lot, since it has no effect, and the earthquake Is very powerful, I hope you do not give that attack to the swords.

    As I said before when you add more characters the gameplay is compromised, there is a bug and lag between more characters we have. To me it occurs to me that they can copy the combat system of the "Arkandian Explorer" a flash game of combat and RPG. The modality that it uses to handle several personages is very similar to a chessboard (in my opinion it would be great a strategic type combat)

    Another thing that can copy of this game are the use of weapons and spells, it would be great to see this system implemented in strumpets.

    Already last thing something that I notice in this demo is that referring to the flannel, this loses the sleeves, I hope this bug does not appear in the final version

  4. can we fuck her/him after defeating her/him

  5. A simple metric for deciding if combat in a game is worth-while or not - remove all enemy information visible to the player. If they can still consistently win, you're falling down on engaging the player.

    For instance DON'T make lust into a second HP bar. The only thing that requires of the player is picking the faster damage type to cycle into the guard-buff-AOE-heal-attack cycle.

    If you're going to use lust, use it as a concentration metric. Something that changes the amount of mana that's consumed by a defensive spell, or that changes simple behaviors. Eg. -
    A charmed person is less likely to block physical attacks made against themselves, but more likely to defend physical attacks made against their ally.

    Well there's innumerable ways to diversify combat in any game, just something to consider.

  6. Hey everyone, thanks for the looong comments full of advices!
    They're all very interesting and I'll let Meismike get an eye on them, but keep in mind this is a standalone demo and it's currently unlinked to the real game, it's just a test. Hence the bugs, the stats etc.
    We're aiming to implement it as soon as we can, just remember we're not doint a full rpg turn based game, it's simply a way to give more gameplay options! We want to do it right, but not spend all our time on it!


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