Combat Demo 4

Well so ends my vacation from the base game. It was fun to take a little break and work on something completely different, but now it's full steam ahead on the base game. However, It will still take some time to weave the combat stuff into the base game.

download here,

or play on Newgrounds here

There is a new sex scene in the demo, by the way.


  1. This new delivery has many good things that are corrected, and also a special end for those queson defeated by lust (something that I am very happy)

    With respect to the weapons I see that now each one has a type of technique, something that helps to balance them a little (the hammer is still too powerful in relation to other weapons)

    Something very important that I have seen in previous demo and in this also, is that the enemy always attacks the protagonist, that is something that must be corrected.

    Also note that the speed of combat has decreased, I do not think it is wise in this game as it gets to bore the wait.

    In relation to the sexual scenes, there is a problem with when both the winner and the defeated are male (I guess gay scenes have not yet been programmed)

    Something similar happens if the winner is transsexual and the defeated male, in the sexual scene the transsexual loses the penis.

    And since we talk about sexual scenes, I hope that in the future there are more variants.

    In the recruiting scene without being able to differentiate a female character from a transsexual, in addition that once you have recruited a character there is no way you can dismiss a character you do not like.

    In weapons I like the new dagger that steals life I like that there were new weapons, it occurs to me that they could introduce 2 new types of weapons, the first for chakram and boomerangs, the second can be a whip, or maybe 2 , One of leather and one of chains

    The staff has as a special attack an ice stalactite to painfully impale the victim (or so it should be) but since it is a sexual game, it occurs to me that they can change this special attack by one that causes physical damage and lust At the same time (eg, tentacles attacks, or a horde of rapist imps.)

    Finally I want to make a final suggestion, I understand that it is a demo, but it would be nice if you could change the scene of the combat (come on, that fights do not always happen on the streets) you can add scenes of caves, forest, prairie With storms, etc., also that each scenario affects the fight in some way, for example: the storm meadow makes the electric weapons stronger.

  2. Please add a "surrender" button!

  3. Also, please add a "back" button!
    Maybe it could be the same button, but if you're in a fight, it makes you surrender...

  4. Hello, I'm loving the updates. The combat is turning out really interesting and fun.
    That being said, I've been playing this game for a while now and I got used to being only women.
    I don't know how hard would be to implement it, but an option to not have any male strumpets show up at all, neither as enemies in combat nor for sale on the market. Just females (and futas since they share the same body just a penis that can already be turned on/off)
    I would love to keep it like the old versions when it was just female strumpets.

    Since there is a futa option already in the game, I don't know if this request is too outlandish and/or hard to implement.
    Would love to hear the dev's thoughts.

  5. *Enemies Cheat
    - Against my first opponent, I took it slow with Block, Flirt, Flirt, Heal twice, while she just punched, and then she did Rage twice in a row, spending no MP. Of course, by then it only took one more Flirt, but free Rage with no cost could have been a problem if she'd been smart enough to lead with that.
    - Enemies can Quake with the rapier.
    - Enemies can Zap twice in a row.

    *Weapons turn to sticks
    - Most weapons turn into sticks when dropped to the ground to masturbate. Throwing knives, rapiers, broadswords, +5 hammers, and +5 magic staves don't turn to sticks, but I think everything else does. I didn't make a thorough checklist.

    *Not enough flexibility in the scene
    - Only one act, or less. Male vs. Male, they just disappear.
    - Only the last enemy dominated performs.
    - Teammates only get to angrily stand back and watch, even if all three enemies were dominated.
    - The main character will pop right back up to dominate that victim even if the MC was the only one knocked out.

    *Clothing and skin color changes in domination scene
    - It seems to depends on the sex of the main character, the sex of the dominated character, and the position, or more specifically, the details of the teammate opposite the dominated character.
    - Fem vs. Fem or Futa: she copies most of her opponent's clothes and main character copies her eyebrow region and lip colors.
    - Fem vs. Male: he stays naked (or those clothes just don't exist for males) and the main character gets most of the clothes of his opponent, if it wasn't her already. Her skin changes color on her eyebrows, arms, chest, and legs.
    - Futa vs. Fem: Victim puts on the opponent's clothes and Main takes off her lower clothes, even if they were just socks, and her hands turn black.
    - Futa vs. Futa: Victim puts on the opponent's clothes and Main takes off her lower clothes, even if they were just socks, and the victim's penis changes color to match their opponent's skin tone.
    - Futa vs. Male: Her clothes change to his opponent's clothes and her chest and arms turn white. Or sometimes it's arms and legs.
    - Male vs. Fem: Victim puts on the opponent's clothes, no skin color changes
    - Male vs. Futa: Victim puts on the opponent's clothes and the victim's penis changes color to match their opponent's skin tone.
    - Male vs. Male: *poof*

    *Other visual glitches in domination scene
    - During the domination scene, a "Zap" lightning bolt sometimes appears and just hangs in the air for a while.
    - Dominating a middle or back opponent makes them overlap the still masturbating opponent to their left who should be "in front of" them. This looks particularly hot when the masturbating opponent is male and a dominated female appears to be crouching on his lap. When it's all men on that team, well, now you finally have a gay scene, albeit a strange one.
    - Sometimes all the guys just lose their junk. It may have to do with turning them down to join you? One guy gets told to go away and they're /all/ emasculated? That's pretty harsh. Whatever triggers it, for the rest of that run of the demo, males have no dicks and no balls. Doesn't stop them from trying to rub it, though. Futas still have dicks.

    1. Awesome thanks for the reports. I'll try and fix these all up soon.