Fur rimes with pleasure

Hi everyone, Sismicious here.
Do you remember the poll we set about if we should add these beautiful creatures to the game or not? Well you voted "yes" at a vast majority, so here is my work ready to be implemented and to be functional thanks to Meismeike.

I remade the feet so our current animations could match this new body type, even if the proportions are slightly different. Also don't worry, my beloved breast lovers because I also maintained the 5 boob sizes.

Also, as you can see, the catgirls have their own hairstyles in order to not glitch with their ears. I did 3 of them, available in 5 colors!

There will be a button to hide this kind of stuff if you're not into it, as it was requested a lot. But else you could simply not buy them at the market ;)

I'll see you later for more visual updates on Strumpets soon!


  1. Not able to tell if it's cat "girl"

  2. I like it, once the girls are equipped with pubes, everything will be perfect.

  3. what about males?

    1. Not planned currently! First we have to implement females, then proceed one step at a time ;)