Security Outfit

Hi everyone, Sismicious here.
Today I'm proud to show you something a bit special, because it's the first time I did a costume for both males and females. I don't count the Halloween one because it was a special event and I just couldn't do only one costume :)

But yes, so far I've done a special outfit for the nurse, cook, and trainer jobs only for females, and have to do it for males too.
But this time I put extra efforts to provide the costume for both genders!

I'm pretty happy with the result, they look tough and strong, so don't try to mess with them ^^
Anyway, having a security guard will keep bad things away from your brothel, including the police (even if a private inspection from Olite wouldn't be a bad thing...)

Anyway, I hope you'll like this new addition to the game, and you'll have a great time playing it!
Thanks again for supporting us, I'm kinda proud of the level of customization/clothes/accessories we have so far for a game like this!


  1. I like it, very well done art work. The jackets look warm, comfortable, and yet are fashionable with an air of authority. The pants are nice and sensible with good shoes. Practical, modest, no-nonsense. Overall a good design. My one and only note might be to lengthen the hem so that the tummy is covered, but that's just a nit pick.

    Good work dude.

    1. Thanks man!
      I tried to get good references for it, so I'm very glad you like it! At first I planned to cover the characters entirely but hey, a bit of skin is alway appreciated ^^
      Anyway, thanks!

  2. Please don't forget that this is a porn game :(
    I know that the costume is not intended for pure fetishistic purposes, so I don't mean "make a costume resembling one a stripper/prostitute would use" like the guy just having a speedo or the girl with just a bunch of strings or such.
    But a bit more sexyness would have gone a long way, a bit of cleavage, or pecs, tighter pants, something like that.
    If I showed someone this pic I could totally pass them for a non-porn game art.
    Hope I don't come as too aggressive on this post. Just hoping for all around fun eroticism on the designs :)

    1. Haha, I see where you are coming from, but I specifically asked for this to be not slutty. We have a lot of perverted and downright slutty outfits, I think it is nice to have something more subdued. Also, there are entire websites dedicated to fully clothed women fucking naked men.

    2. I guess you are right. It's just a matter of philosophy/tastes.
      When I look at the costume selection I don't think "these are a lot of slutty costumes, thats enough" I think, MORE MORE mooore. haha

      But yeah if I could explain it, I like porn games that keep the buzz going, you get greeted by sexy things and the game keeps the arousal up, then super hot then sometimes a bit less, but always sexy in a nice sin wave, never "killing the boner" so to say.
      Right now I would hate to put this costume on one of my favorite strumpet it would make them a lot less sexy to me.
      But I guess others will appreciate the extreme modesty.

      Thanks for the communication by the way. Great progress.

    3. Anon > thanks for your comments! We indeed have a lot of clothes to strip your Strumpets with which are waay more revealing :)
      But it may be a nice idea to get a sexy security outfit for an event or something!

      BigFan > nope, it's a full costume! But you can add accessories or hats to it!

  3. what date is the outfit released to us.