2.56 Save the world

For Patrons:

Ever since we added saving to the game we have had countless reports of saves disappearing or never being saved at all. Most of the time the solution to this was turning of incognito mode or private browsing and enabling cookies, but we understand if you don't want to turn that stuff off. I tried to make a system where you can save your data to a file and load from a file, but as far as I can tell, that is impossible with the extremely outdated Action script 2. However! I did come up with a solution of sorts, if you played flash games in the early 2000s you'll recognize.. Raw Text Saving! So for those of you who can't get the old version of saves to work, this should work for you.
Also, we added a new combat background and a quest you need to complete to access the hair and body modification options in the shop.
You will need to delete your save and start fresh. Funnily enough this is because of the quest and combat, not the save overhaul.


  1. So in the next update,is there a way the girls can give birth at some point if they don't wanna abort? & will there be guy on guy action as well?

  2. Agreement on the giving birth thing, and to be fair for the yaoi fans guy on guy should be added, just to be fair. other then that my last reserve after looking through your history of frequent updates was the save. Now that save is implemented (played latest public version which is why I haven't had a save option). You got my support Keep up the frequency, hard work and love for the game and when i'm more stable i'll do more then 1 buck a month :D love the game thanks

  3. Hi, i played your 2.56 version of strumpets on Newgrounds and i sort of broke the game: http://imgur.com/rmGcu7o

    I wrote in the review section: Found a bug, if you accept the guys service, but refuse the gentleman from "showing you what he's got" at the beginning of the game around day 4, there pops up a "UNDIFINED" error for all text options and wont go away, all you can do is save and press F5.

    Turns out if you load that save, and make everyone work and use up stamina, there is a chance if you go to the brothel again, and upgrade the bedroom, your money (NaN) glitches out and you got infinite money and can litteraly buy everything.

    Thought it was worth mentioning this! :)

  4. it seems that almost every numerical system in this game is broken after 'load from text'. not only bedroom upgrades become undifined, but also training system (int,str etc.) and skillbook system (combat, foraging etc.) go wrong.
    when you train a strumpet, int stat goes up to 500 from 50, and to 5095 from 500.
    and when you use one skill book, skill stat becomes 31 from 0.

    regardless the "UNDIFINED" error ,as the upper comment said, it happens everytime whenever you save and load. even at the day 1

    1. I loaded from save a couple times before this happened. Could be related to later game things. It happened to me after I unlocked cat girls atleast.

  5. Im having issues with Firefox going unresponsive when I right click to select all on the save text. Happens 33%~ of the time when I do this.

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  7. - Not having enough mana doesn't prevent you from using mana in combat. The Mana just goes negative. I've used Heal, Zap, Block, Rage and Kick normally with mana already negative.
    - There's no indication that the mission to escort Keet's friend will be immediate, like "Fight Me!", instead of a three day commitment, like everything else that happens at the airship. A "Duration" or "Estimated time requirement" or just "Days" line somewhere on the mission description would be nice, since some seem to only take one or two days, even though they all report their results after three. At least put an indicator in there somewhere to distinguish "away" from "immediate".
    - When you use Stamina in the Library or Gym, the dots in the strumpet list don't update until you exit and go back in.
    - Escort Hairdresser stays in the mission list after it's completed. Is there any point in repeating it?
    - Unlocking the More button in the shop isn't saved between sessions, so I guess that's the reason for repeating it for now.
    - With traits Elf and Demonic, sometimes they get the demon horns and sometimes the "filthy knife ears". Probably based on the order of the traits. If it's the horns, the whole "Elf" trait is completely overridden. Elf ears and Demonic skin makes more sense for that combination.
    - Demonic skin doesn't seem to show muscular body types
    - Demonic skin tone doesn't apply to the futanari penis
    - Elvish and Demonic names would be a nice little detail
    - Displaying the brothel shows the last selected girl behind the bar instead of the bartender, unless the bartender is the one selected, in which case no one is behind the bar.
    - The correlation between skin color requests and catgirl fur colors is weird. Maybe if they're /requesting/ a catgirl, that preference could change to fur color and if they're not, skin color won't be a match.
    - Hair color preferences in the brothel are unclear where catgirls are concerned, but the clearly don't mismatch. Pink catgirls with bright green hair on their heads don't satisfy the "green hair" preference. That counts as red or brown instead. Brown catgirls with yellow hair on their heads satisfy the "purple hair" preference, not blonde or brown.
    - Bald still matches on hair color. I guess pubes count? But what if they're shaved too? Everyone has black eyebrows and that's all that's left.
    - After asking Bea about her quest, after many other quests (some of them completed all at once with the quest-and-reload bug) an undefined quest appeared at the end of the list, after escorting the hairdresser. Assuming it was Bea's quest, I sent B.Ch out to do it, with 4 Combat and 4 Foraging, even though there were no requirements. She came back the next day. Two days later, she "completed" Bea's quest and came back with NaN gold. I now have infinite gold, but it wasn't enough to buy the selected meal that day. The next day and ever after, I could just afford anything always. Bea joined my team without her uniform and no clothes preview on her in the shop, but when she appears both in front of and behind the bar in the brothel, the bartender one is wearing a white skirt and cut out mesh sleeveless shirt.
    - Weapons aren't shown in the dorms and the shop shows the last weapon selected there, not the currently equipped weapon, so is there any way to see the current weapon without getting into a fight?
    - It would be nice to see a strumpet's stats when buying them weapons, to choose the one they can use best without going back to the dorm to check.
    - The Airship likes to start with Escort Hairdresser, but displays the number of some other mission. Moving left or right through the mission list fixes the counter, until you leave and return.