New haircut & Male face features

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Hey, Sismicious here.
I recently saw someone requesting here on the devblog a new haircut, well what a pleasant surprise : here it is. We planned to add a new one so I had to deal again with my barber side-job.

This time it's a short, masculine haircut. As you know, we're pretty limited with the size of the hair, as we don't have physics and every animation should work with every hairstyle, that's why we mostly stick with this length. But we'll see what's possible to do with little tricks!

Also, I'd like to show you something nice I worked on :

We added 5 new noses and 2 new chins to our male base body. That means more diversity, it's always nice! Of course, it comes with every skin color, and fully supports current beards. I hope you'll enjoy it!



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