Version 2.47 Valentine Matchmaker


We have added a new option in the brothel for you to matchmake your employees. Now you can finally make use of your own strumpets, a much requested feature.

We also added a new selection of push-up bra's that have cleavage! This will open up a lot of clothing options for us in the future. I spent a lot of time on these, adding all 8 possible skin colors for all the different sizes. It was brutal until I realized I was complaining about looking at boobs all day.

Oh and finally, a new pale skin tone for girls.


  1. when will the update be available

  2. I'm not a Patron, but does this update mean there's finally something to do that isn't just:
    1. Manually go down the list of Strumpets in the town, bribe the police, repeat until all stamina is gone
    2. Buy upgrades
    3. Build up brothel
    4. Use brothel at beginning of each day before going to town
    5. Repeat 1-4, manually clicking on each individual Strumpet's task ~6 times each until all upgrades are purchased
    6. Clothe your favorite Strumpets (do they do anything?) with spare money
    7. Continue ignoring quests
    8. Repeat 1-4 until lust energy cost gets too big
    9. Restart game.

    I know the game's not finished, but there still needs to be some way to avoid having to repeat the same tasks daily. Maybe unlock the ability to assign daily tasks to the employees?

    1. I guess on that note, we need more control over the brothel. I mean it seems kind of weird that I run a brothel loaded with women, use women to advertise the brothel and use those same XX individuals to manage the brothel, yet a decent chunk of the requests are for men. A proposal: have the people used for advertising the brothel give a slight nudge in the odds that someone will show up looking for someone like that. Gender demand should be affected the most, but maybe their breast size, skin color, etc would get a tiny lean, too.

    2. I mean, fuck, man. If I go to a strip club and they have some 10/10 women with big tits dancing in the front, I'm not going to look at that place and think, "shit, man! I bet there are some fine-ass men in there, I should bring all my gay buddies and have a big gay orgy with all the men they probably have in there!"

    3. Heads up dudes, its not only people with dicks that play this game. I'm glad there's requests for men, ladies need love to. It would be great if actually we could get some men requesting men! Because i would love to have a big gay orgy, clearly yall don't know how to run a brothel if you only keep women and cannot meet the demands of all your customers :P. But yeah if you have animations of futa's getting fucked, why cant we have men getting fucked? by futas and men :D

  3. Um... just a question if sound will ever be added? I mean like for the girls themselves when doing jobs or other stuff, I know that it would be hard to find a person to do that, but is it at least plan for the future?

    1. It is planned, but honestly no work has been done on that yet.

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