Strumpets Version 2.52 Thick Schoolgirls


This time we added a new thicker waist, a schoolgirl outfit and a bunch of other skirts. We also added a chance to get impregnated when performing appropriate activities, and services relating to that in the hospital.

I did not get as much done on the combat as I wanted, but I should release a public demo sometime this week.


  1. As always on top, thank you friend!

  2. I finally got to play this for the first time. It's AMAZING!! Keep up the good work!

  3. Looks great , think about buying and upgrade to the brothel, that allow you have sex in a dungeon also, could be that in the same place you can train with more than one partner and all of them gain skill level at the same time, add more quest like the furry quest and the how can help quest of the lady of the front desk, if you are going to implement guy to guys stuff please leave the option to switch it off, since I do not want to see those scenes while in the streets in the brothel or even if I click by mistake both guys train together

  4. How do I download? Our it's only streaming​ now???

  5. Hey devs,

    I remember seeing a comment where someone mentioned being stuck on a sex scene and not being able to finish it or back out. I believe I figured out how this happens: For whatever reason, the 10th slot (starting from the main character as the first slot) is bugged and initiating sex scenes on the streets (idk about the brothel) with the 10th slot character leads to this bug. Sometimes it takes a couple of sex initiations to encounter it.

    While I'm on the topic of the 10th slot, that same character slot is bugged in that the clothes default to the default rags and the clothes can not be visibly changed.

    Hope this helps,


  6. Not THICC enough!