Strumpets Version 2.52 Thick Schoolgirls


This time we added a new thicker waist, a schoolgirl outfit and a bunch of other skirts. We also added a chance to get impregnated when performing appropriate activities, and services relating to that in the hospital.

I did not get as much done on the combat as I wanted, but I should release a public demo sometime this week.


  1. As always on top, thank you friend!

  2. I finally got to play this for the first time. It's AMAZING!! Keep up the good work!

  3. Looks great , think about buying and upgrade to the brothel, that allow you have sex in a dungeon also, could be that in the same place you can train with more than one partner and all of them gain skill level at the same time, add more quest like the furry quest and the how can help quest of the lady of the front desk, if you are going to implement guy to guys stuff please leave the option to switch it off, since I do not want to see those scenes while in the streets in the brothel or even if I click by mistake both guys train together

  4. How do I download? Our it's only streaming​ now???

  5. Hey devs,

    I remember seeing a comment where someone mentioned being stuck on a sex scene and not being able to finish it or back out. I believe I figured out how this happens: For whatever reason, the 10th slot (starting from the main character as the first slot) is bugged and initiating sex scenes on the streets (idk about the brothel) with the 10th slot character leads to this bug. Sometimes it takes a couple of sex initiations to encounter it.

    While I'm on the topic of the 10th slot, that same character slot is bugged in that the clothes default to the default rags and the clothes can not be visibly changed.

    Hope this helps,


  6. Not THICC enough!

  7. Start
    - Both sets of left and right arrows for the face at character creation select the three chins instead of the upper pair selecing the nose.
    - The interview scene character and background scales don't match, so they look like giants in a dollhouse.

    Graphical glitches
    - A futanari trainer wearing sweats and giving a kneeling blowjob leaves the sweatpants on, but they must have a hole in them because her penis is poking right out.

    - The Infirmary heal option says you can pay a cleric for healing, so what does the Nurse actually do? Just get the girls lined up and determine how much to pay the cleric? Administer pregnancy tests and magic abortion pills and distribute free condoms? Maybe the nurse's skill should lower the amount of damage taken by applying immediate first aid, so there's less to pay the cleric for. Or is "cleric" a typo, and that button just buys medical supplies (since healing potions are in limited supply on the black market) for the /nurse/ to instantly heal anyone?
    - When you press the space bar or Pay button on the infirmary screen with a healthy strumpet and a cost of 0, it plays the payment sound anyway.

  8. Lust Essence
    - If you quit and reload on a day Bea has collected lust for The Mistress, she scolds you for not having enough lust essence (it's 0 because she already collected before saving) and warns you about having enough next time, and then if you ask how much you need to collect, she tells you the previous week's amount. If you reload again during that week, the amount is back to normal and she goes on like that whole warning glitch didn't happen. If you play the ten days and she collects again, you only need and only get gold for the amount she said, not the amount you were supposed to get that week. I loaded on day 60 and did enough training to make sure I had more than 6000, but less than 7000. Because of that bug, it was enough.
    - Day 40, 4000 lust essence was due, and I had over 9000. Bea absconded with it all, delivered it to The Mistress, and brought me 4000 gold in return. What happens to the excess? At first, I thought the gold was to make up for the excess, so I checked.... On Day 60, 5000 essence was due (see above) so I only got 5000 gold, even though she took all 6185. The excess would have been either 185 or 1185, depending on the reloading essence day bug, but I got 5000 gold, so the excess was completely wasted. The Mistress is giving us nothing extra for delivering extra essence, even if it's double what she asked.
    - I finally managed to find the point where lust essence was a thing I had to pay some attention to. It's not how I'd normally play, but someone might. With all my Strumpets except the token males very pregnant, and everyone training Int or Str twice a day, I had to put effort into the brothel and back off on training a bit to get 900-1000 essence a day. If I hadn't continued to day 100 to see if the pregnancies progress and spent most of their stamina on pregnancy and training, I'd still never have had to even try to generate way more lust than she asks for. Maybe the lust essence balance needs some tuning. If it at least took a little attention to get enough and the excess was worth something, it might feel more valuable.

  9. Police
    - One of my futanari strumpets keeps pulling cops at low interest, even immediately after bribing them, and it keeps showing his police hat on her, while he's naked. Why did he show up with 0 Interest and why's the hat on her? Are the laws in this world so different that putting your hat on a prostitute, stripping naked, and sticking your dick in her still doesn't prove you're not a real cop? Must be nice to get free sex first and then arrest her instead of paying.
    - Maybe the police should show up dressed first, and the police sex scene should only play /after/ you select "Fuck"? Apparently "Fight" is in the works. "Flee" could play a short running scene instead, one that shows how you use your highest applicable stat to try to get away and whether or not it succeeds.
    - Bribing police is progressively more tedious and annoying as you advance. Couldn't we bribe a politician, weekly, or even daily, with a single large sum and/or a couple girls, to make the cops ignore us? Perhaps they would still have to arrest particularly stupid and/or loud strumpets who just can't get the hang of discretion. And then later in the game, after bribing a whole bunch of politicans, and throwing them an orgy, we get the laws changed so cops protect the strumpets from getting beat up instead of arresting them. Stupidity and indiscretion might still warrant getting thrown out of classier places, maybe with a fine and wasted stamina.
    - Of course, we don't really need to work the streets after the first month or so and we have ten times as many brothel clients as strumpets and more stripper income than we can even spend, but the streets match up strumpets with clients automatically. So it becomes a choice between the annoying complication of dealing with police or the annoying complication of cycling through both clients and strumpets to make matches.

  10. Pregnancy
    - Reimpregnation. Others have noted it. Being pregnant already is a very effective form of contraception.
    - Pregnancy shows *way* too fast. I can sort of accept the nurse being able to detect it the same day she conceives, even though that's a bit magical, but the stamina penalties and visible bellies must be some heavy dark magic. It should be 3-4 months, not days, before they start to show a baby bump, and being at full 9 months size after 10 days would just tear them apart. The stamina penalties are a good idea, but they also start way too soon. I've gotten to 104 days pregnant so far, still looking no bigger than day 10, but I have to assume pregnacy sizes and penalties are currently sped up just for testing. I bet there would be a lot less overpopulation in the world if pregnancy meant spending all nine months like that.
    - Caffeine is not a fertility potion, and it takes more than just sperm to make a baby. See, there's this thing called an egg, and unless human biology is really very different in this world, a girl who isn't in the right phase of her cycle just isn't going to get pregnant that day, no matter how much sperm you pump into her. I mean, sometimes an egg comes loose at an odd time and makes "the timing method" unreliable, but even if you use stimulants to make them just keep fucking til they knock one loose, it wouldn't catch that day anyway. The same pregnancy rate might work with just the addition of a random monthly ovulation window for each girl. I don't know if you want to get into the problem of so many women living together synchronizing their periods. That seems a bit too much detail, but the fact that human females physically cannot be fertile 24/7 is pretty basic.
    - Pregnant catgirls need a matching belly. The skin color ones look terrible on them, especially if most of the time, they're wearing an oufit that "somehow" completely conceals it, and then someone takes their top off and suddenly all that fur comes off with it and there's a huge papaya colored baby bulge.
    - Bea started out unsure whether she was pregnant? "This strumpet is NaN days pregnant, you can..." A few days later, she got reimpregnated like everyone else, but she can't look pregnant unless she's having sex, because her outfit can't be changed and conceals her bump.
    - The first outfit in the store does not conceal the baby bump and it looks terrible. Outfits that can't be stretched or somehow adjusted for that shape, just shouldn't fit after the smallest bump.
    - The "Use Contraceptives" button isn't saved between sessions.

  11. Maids
    - Everyone being 100% happy doesn't seem to lower the incidence of strumpets beating each other up in the middle of the night, nor does getting beat up lower happiness more than having a nice, clean room makes up for.
    - How is one maid enough to clean a fully staffed and upgraded whorehouse with 20 working girls serving 100 clients a day? Maybe the brothel should have a cleanliness stat increased by the number and skill of maids (what skill is that, anyway?) and decreased by time and activity according to hygiene and certain random events, and then the overall cleanliness affects mood and possibly health at extreme levels?
    - And how about a Handyman job, with just a toolbelt for a uniform, tasked with keeping up the condition of the brothel, office, and dorm, with good repair improving mood like cleanliness does, and poor condition lowering reputation and increasing the likelihood of someone getting accidentally hurt?
    - WTB French Maid uniform, complete with lace tiara and feather duster.
    - One of the descriptions for the Live-in Maid mission is "Need an attractive female to clean my house" but the requirement is just cooking skill, not beauty or sex. I would expect that mission to pay more for attractive females, but that's hard to check.

  12. Money
    - After the first week or two, there's so much money pouring in, and so little to spend it on, it would make sense if some of the more optional facilities had an upkeep cost, like new books and teaching supplies in the library and buying and maintaining equipment for the gym. It would be nicer to have more expensive upgrades to the office and the brothel, which might also require upkeep. Once there's over a million gold squirreled away in our little two story house, we really ought to be moving into a mansion, and shopping for our own little floating island tropical paradise to expand to next. Maybe we have to clear monsters and sky pirates and weeds and haunted ruins from it first.
    - And speaking of spending money, while it's entirely reasonable to cook for two at the same cost as one, cooking for 20 really ought to scale up a bit.
    - When you purchase a meal in the kitchen, the "Purchased" stamp is applied, but then if you navigate left and right to other meals, the stamp stays there over them all. Shouldn't that indicate /which one/ you've purchased? And navigating left or right, even without Buying, unchecks the Every Day option on the one you've already bought.
    - Sometimes thieves break in and steal gold, and then the security staff chase people away. If we have security, but it's not enough, the notice should say how to _improve_ our security, not just the same suggestion to hire some as if we didn't already.

  13. Market
    - It's rare, but a few times now, I've seen a black man with a white penis in the market, and he kept that trait when I hired him, unlike the catgirls with a penis that disappears when you hire them.
    - When I started ordering the market slaves to strip to check for that, I noticed that catgirls in slave rags would not take them off. The ones in blue panties had no qualms about stripping, and when I bought the catgirls in slave rags, they immediately changed into blue panties. Even stranger, they're almost always in positions 2, 7, or 13. I've seen 14 once and 6 once. For at least a dozen days I've checked, those are the only positions in the lineup I've seen this, and there's at least one of them almost every day.

    - Releasing a strumpet and then changing your mind and reloading without ending the day shifts the clothes of everyone right of that slot, one person to the left. The clothes of the released strumpet apparently stayed released and were not reloaded like their appearance, name, stats, etc. were. Only Bea keeps her "clothes" and doesn't hand them to the left. B.Ch does, so you get to see her outfit on other strumpets, but not your main, and there's still just the one being passed around. Some of the results are pretty amusing, especially when there are a few males in the lineup. I'm curious where the cupless leather top came from. I would buy that if it was in the store. And the nurse's panties, too.

    - Clicking your main character in the dorm can result in being told you are the best master. Who is? The player? I thought that was the player character? You are your own best master? Isn't that the wrong kind of deep for a brothel game?

    1. Holy cow man, this is thorough! We really appreciate it, and I will try to fix/address everything you have brought up.