Introducing Bea


Hey, Sismicious here. Today I'd like to present you our very first NPC : Bea.
She is a delicious and lustful... demon? Who knows who she really is? We hope you'll discover it in the game later! But for now, I have to make something out of this rough concept, and clean it. And I have to say it's really, really time consuming.

See you later!


  1. first let me say its me footlover12345 from lok. Anyway wow great job sismicious =) i'm really liking your art design i can't wait to see girls like there was in the old one like the aquatic girl and what not but anyway i know your saying this one is a special npc that probably has other propose then recruiting. Oh you could have Bea give you alot of money or give you one of her demon girls if you sacrifice your best girl by giving her to bea or if the main charater is going to be male you could have a mini game to were if you please bea enough she gives you something to help you out or she gives you one of here demon girls or just something

    1. Hey, thanks for your feedback!
      I'm glad you like Bea. Meismike and I already have some ideas for her, but your propositions are interesting and we'll add them to our reflexions.

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  3. Will this game have male slaves at some point? That would be a really fun option.