New hair, new bodies, new mouth!


Hi folks, Sismicious here.
I wanted to show you some new stuff I've been working on! First, as you can see from the post image, we have new haircuts! As for the first one I made, these two new hairstyles have been declined to our previous range of colors (10 in total).

Then, something a bit more boring for you : I finished to adjust the two other skin colors to each body parts. A long and brainless work, but necessary. The more I put details in my work, the more time will then be needed for color changes.

And finally, we adjusted the mouth part, which didn't work very well with the first version I made. Now, you girls will be able to put things so big in their mouth you wouldn't think it was possible!


  1. Ahhh, so nice! New graphics again, chuu! And some marvelous ones, too. =w= I wonder if you'd be willing to share some secrets about your brush settings, chuu. eue Speaking of settings, though; We know that there are some... tails, in the game. Usually, they were quite static, but, do you plan on animating them in the actual game, chuu? Or, throw them out?No, wait that would be a waste. It's a perfectly fine fetish, after all, chuu.I hope to see more from you, Sismicious.