Home Screen


Hi everyone, Sismicious here.
This month was dedicated for me about 3 things :
- New skin colors for male and female
- A new sex animation
- And the new home screen

Skin colors and animation are done! You chose to make me work on it first by voting on the Strumpets Trello page!
The big thing that kept me busy was the home screen. As I said before, I'd like to reach a high graphic quality for the game, and I have to put a lot of time on details for that. But hopefully, the result quite satisfies me! I hope it you will too!

The new home screen now makes every specific rooms like gym, library and such located in a single place. It will be easier to navigate through the game. Plus, it will also be a nice opportunity to draw real rooms for each of them!

As you can see, they are more rooms than before, some are blank for now. We'll keep them free for future additions... Or maybe we already thought of them? Who knows! If you watch closely, you'll see a small door in the back, behind the counter. I'm pretty exciter about this room because it will be a private room, giving you access to new sweet features. But I don't want to ruin it so please wait with me!

Finally, in the picture you see now, doors are covered with cobwebs and wood planks. That means you didn't buy the room yet. It's just a graphic change, but you'll notice when you have rooms to boy or not ;)

Thanks again for your support this month, now with the Trello I hope you'll be happy to see I'm working on what you vote for. The next big thing is the End day Screen. I have neat plans for it, so stay tuned both on Trello and on my Tumblr to check it!

Oh, one last thing...
If you're a patron (which is the most marvelous thing ever) and if you donate via paypal, remember that Patreon automatically denies payments made this way for content flagged as Adult. You'll have to give a special autorisation for that. They are dozen of explanations on the internet of people complaining about that, so please, be sure to check it also!

See you for the next update!


  1. Hmm...
    Here's a small suggestion... why not make the home-screen improve over time...
    What I mean is that as the 'business' starts to earn more money, or you start achieving certain objectives, it starts to become cleaner...
    of course, if this goes against the theme you're creating, then by all means ignore this suggestion...

  2. As a continuation from above (since I cannot edit an anonymous post)
    The current background isn't bad, it's simply wonderful. I was just giving a suggestion to consider in the long run...

    1. Oh, don't worry! I may have not been clear enough, but the dirty doors will become clean when you unlock the rooms! So when you fully purchased all rooms, you'll have a nice and clean home.

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