Version 0.53

This weeks Patreon update adds a new place in the shop where you can customize your girls further. I am not sure if this is the best idea, to let you just make the perfect girl you want whenever. It kind of takes the magic out of finding a perfect girl on the market. So it may be temporary. Tell me what you think!

As always I fixed a bunch of bugs, I think I broke my own record. There should be less jail breaks, no more health selling, and hopefully no more Nan's or undefineds. Please tell me if you find any more.

Also, I finally made health do something. It lowers your stats by its percentage. so if you have 50% health, you have 50% strength. You also don't lose health all the time like you did before.

Sorry there is no new background this time. We are deep in production for the new version and ran out of time.

The public update is pretty minor this week. Mostly just the streets background and some bug fixes.  

You can play the game here: Play the latest free version!  


  1. The only thing I have to say is, THANKS YOU FOR MAKING THE SWAPPER THING, first suggestion, make it WAY TOO EXPENSIVE, so people who want to make the perfect girl, gotta pay A LOT, like real plastic surgery. Second, PLEASE DON'T LEAVE THIS PROJECT LIKE OTHERS HAVE, PLEASE!

  2. Switching doesn't stick after exit from shop

  3. I have to say that it was a good idea to add in more to spend your money on. Later in the game (by that I mean half an hour after buying the brothel) I find that I have more money than I know what to do with. I usually just release the girls, buy more girls, and then release them so I can feel like I'm freeing them from their victimhood as a forced prostitute. But I do have to say that this game, regardless of how blatantly misogynistic it is, is a guilty pleasure of mine. Unlike Peak Hawk up their, I wouldn't be annoyed if you stopped making updates, but the updates are nice when i do get them.

    I'd also suggest using bodies instead of just penises, you can download the Legend of Crystal Pack to get the male models used their. It would also make room for Futanari or even lesbians with Strapons becoming joes, which would take down the misogyny just a little bit. Again, not complaining, but I do get a whole lot more turned on at lesbian strap on porn.

  4. I can't release more streets over the Main Street!