Model Vote

Me and Sismicious have finally started working on the new model in earnest. With that we are looking for some feedback on potential models.

Choose which girl is your favorite here

Also there should be an update later this week, so look forward to that. 



  1. FIRST COMMENT YAY... wow, that sounds really bad, sorry. I have to vote the last one out, but i can't decide on the first or second one. There both great, have a huge amount of opportunities, and would probably look great. The one thing I could think to do is use them both. Have a random amount of people become the first one, and a random amount of people become second. By people, i mean the girls.

  2. I like all tbh but the second is awesome so its my vote

  3. any chance of a surgeon i tryed to get she hulk a few times but market didnt do it it did slaves with green hair but not the same skin other times it had green skin but not the hair or the eyes the surgeon could cost 5000 coins to make the slave without traits to add traits it would cost more maybe 1000 per trait

    that way people can make custom slaves of there style without having to spam the market every day to find nothing you could use the same interface as the clothes store you know the left and right arrows for hair then another for eyes then another for skin

  4. * Sismicious and I. lol

    I love this game!

  5. First choice #1 Reason: All body parts looks correct according to body proportion.
    Second choice #3 is good also but not my taste due to chest size, however it is worth keeping for those who prefer flat chests.
    Last #2 The body, chests and head is actually pretty good in this model, however. The legs are wayyyyyy tooooo long to look natural.

    Those are my opinion

  6. The second one is best proportioned out of the three, meaning it would attract more players but I wouldn't mind the other two. I'm an ass man, that's why I play an Elin in Tera.