Character Creation for Everyone!


Small update for Patrons this time, because Sismicious has been away for the past couple weeks. I added a couple of scenes to the character creator for you to test out. I did run out of time, so one of them has limited customization and the other has no cumshot yet(BLASPHEMY!). Please check them out and tell us what you think of the new animation style! I made the cowgirl scene and Sismicious made the other one (in case you wanted to know).

We also unlocked the last character creation demo for free! You can play it here (near the bottom of the page, this is a stupid way to do this, sorry) or download it here (to run a .swf file, just open it with your internet browser).

(Too (many (parentheses)))


  1. Knees look knobbly and she looks like a doll without any genitalia.
    The male has small feet, and the vein on his manhood is large. Usually the penis on these types of thing are way out of proportion but that looks average.

  2. Well for starters...You guys did it the Flying Penises now have a body to attach to. But from just viewing this Image it seems that:
    1.) The shading on the knee to me(Possibly different to others) looks a tad bit off for the Female. It looks like it should have less to no lighting and/or shading on it. And the Males knee should just have less shading.
    2.) The Males Manhood does have a rather large vein. Well guessing that Canon is ready(I'm sorry for this joke)
    3.) I can forgive the feet size for the males( cause you know..different body types and shapes)
    Anyways, I'm sure you guys will fix these things up and make this an GG m8

  3. Wow looks great so far! Pretty sure since this is just a demo it'll get better looking as it goes.

  4. Is it just me, or does the male character has a really wide girlish hip?
    I think the shoulders are ok, but the hip should be more narrow.

    Even the female character hip is way to wide for my taste, but this could be just personal taste.

    Could we get a slider for the hip like a slider for the breast?