Version 0.51 Patreon and 0.5 Public


Version 0.51 (for Patrons) 

This update has 2 main pillars. That's twice as many as most other updates! (so probably twice as many bugs)

The first is the infirmary and health system. Now when your girls get beaten up, they take damage. They will heal slowly over time, or you can fix them up immediately for a cost. Oddly enough, being hurt does not effect anything yet. I think I will make it have a negative effect on your stats, but that will come later. They also can't die yet, so for you crazy people out there, don't waste your time trying to see what happens when they hit 0 health.

The second is the new emotions. You will find the girls a lot more expressive than before. They even blink! This also brings the fix to the mood system, now you can actually tell if your girls are happy or sad.

I will also take opportunity to say that Corta from did the art work for the emotions and most of the clothes a long time ago (full art credits are in the game). I just finally got around to implementing it.

And lastly, another beautiful new background by Sismicious. This time it is for the dorms.

Version 0.5 (for the Public)
This update added the kitchen and the above brothel background.

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Version 0.5 Patreon and 0.49 Public


Version 0.5, for Patrons, brings with it the promised kitchen upgrade and a new brothel background. To get the most out of the kitchen, you must buy it in house upgrades menu, assign a chef, and pick a meal each day. These meals will be expanded later to add stats(permanent and temporary) and mood. Right now they are just stamina buffs. 

I am also pretty sure I fixed the accessory bug, I put a 2 where a 1 should be, you know stupid stuff.

Version 0.49, for everyone else, brought the ability to release girls, a new jail screen, and less aggressive cops.

Click this to play the latest free version.