Now With More Diversity


This time we have added skin colors and fixed parts of the old animations. For patrons we have added a third sex scene.

Sorry for the delay, I was VERY BUSY doing VERY IMPORTANT things that had nothing to do with Fallout.

You can play with the new Character Creator here.


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Hi everyone, Sismicious here.
I decided to let you see a bit more what I'm working on! It could indeed be difficult to see what takes me time and what needs to be done for V2, so I set up a public Trello board for you to check.

For those who are not familiar with Trello, it's a service that allows you to create boards where you can create "cards" and label them the way you want. For Strumpets, I just made 4 lists : Done/Working on it/To do/Ideas and put cards in them with the subject of the work to do. I can attach files to cards, or checklists, commentaries etc.

Now, where the fun begins, is that I enabled voting. That means if you're registered on the website, you can vote on cards. Each vote will be displayed on cards and this way I'll be able to see what you're willing the most!
Also, if I see some nice ideas on the devblog (or submitted via pm on my tumblr), I can add them to the board under the "Ideas/Concepts" categories, and if they get a lot of votes, I'll add them to the "To do" list!

The link to the board is just below, and I'll add it to the right menu bar.

What do you think of this initiative?

SIDE NOTE : Patreon just changed the displayed amount on each creator pages. This does not mean we lost dozens of patrons, this just mean you can now see approximately what we really get at the end of the month! They did it for better transparency. Thanks again!

Strumpets Is now on Kimochi!

We have just launched Strumpets on For those who don't know, Kimochi is like steam for adult games, but also a partner in promotion as well. Check it out, and maybe look at some of the other sexy games they have their too.

I would just like to say that nothing will change, it is just another way to play the game. It is super convenient too, puts all the sneak peaks and game versions in one place.