Version 2.26 Hairsyling


For patrons we added 2 new female hairstyles and a couple quality of life things in the job menu and the chef menu.

For free users we added the chef outfit and the lust system. Enjoy!

Version 2.25 Shouldn't you get a Hairnet?


This weeks Patreon update adds the female chef outfit, a less one sided way to converse with Bea, the demon lady in your house, and finally some reason for Lust. Every 10 days Bea will ask you for an ever growing amount of Lust. If you can fulfill that request you will get gold, if not you get nothing and she takes all your lust anyways. Later we will add more interesting rewards for meeting her goals, like new strumpets (maybe special or unique), unique clothes, or maybe even sexy fun times with Bea herself.

Also we fixed some issues with the brothel requests. No one ever asked for flat chested ladies apparently, and the biggest boobs were never big enough for some others. Also also, the game now saves your choices about chicks with dicks.