Version 2.31 Beajobs


For patrons, Bea (The red girl in your house, pictured above) has a mission for you. If you send someone to clear it she will give you a reward and work for you! This is only a temporary solution, in the final game it will be a lot harder to recruit her into your service. But have fun playing with her while you can. Also fixed a bug where you could get robbed and stuff in the brothel. Sorry this took me so long to fix.

Version 2.30 Interesting Items and Animal Accessories


For Patrons, this update adds the item menu and a bunch of animal ears and tails to the accessories menu. The items are currently only gained by completing missions through the airship. Foraging and treasure hunting missions guarantee an item drop, most other missions have a chance of a drop depending on what they are. The item menu is accessible form the dorms, where you can use the items you have collected.

Any suggestions on new items, accessories, or clothes you want added?

Also, heads up to 10 dollar donors, we changed the cheat codes. Gotta keep it fresh.