Version 0.49 and a Big Thank You

I'd like to start off by saying thank you to everyone who helped us reach our $500 milestone on Patreon. It is awesome, you guys are great!

Now, onto business.

In 0.49 I have finally added the most requested feature ever. Drum-roll... The ability to release your girls! We also have a beautiful new jail screen, and less aggressive cops so you don't have to visit it as much! I also fixed a couple of bugs, changed some numbers, and added a couple small art changes you probably won't notice.

In version 0.48, free to the public, we added the kick ass new title screen and clothing store. I also squashed more bugs than ever. However, I'm sure some still remain, so as always any help in finding them would be greatly appreciated!

Click this to play the latest free version.


  1. Thank God, I can finally sell my girls

    1. Looks like you can release the girls from Jail, not sell them... yet...

  2. Meismike i think strumpets maybe the only h game to rival breeding season I will look forward to see the vast potential this game holds