Version 0.55 Office Space

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Get the Patreon version and make your office look more professional with this new dope background by Sismicious!

I also spent some time making new dick colors for the sake of diversity. That was a fun afternoon... In the future, there will be more than just palate swaps. Like bumpy dicks, futa dicks, dildos, vibrators, maybe tentacles, we'll see. 

For the boring stuff, I made some QoL changes, such as keeping your girl selected between related screens. I also fixed some bugs, as always.

Play the latest free version by clicking the Latest Version tab at the top of the page.

And because I have no where else to say this, Fallout 4 looks pretty dope eh? E3 in general was pretty good this year, lots of cool shit I can't wait to try. (Hopefully I will still be able to update when I get deep into MGS5.) 

Version 0.54 Renewable Food Source


Sismicious has been sick so he has not been cranking out art like he usually does. However, he still managed to find the time to make this profile view for the new model. We plan to have a few angles, that way we can use more positions for sexy times. Wish him well!

Now onto the updates. For Patreons, we added a check box to the kitchen to auto buy the same meal every day. A lot of people don't like going back to the kitchen each day. Now you don't have to worry about it unless you run out of money.

For free users we added a place to customize your girls to the shop. You can play that version here.